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ASMS Interest Groups

Analytical Laboratory Managers

Coordinators: Ryan Leib (Standford University) and Samuel Macintosh (University of Arkansas)
Workshop Reports: 2019, 20182017201620152014,

Bioinformatics for MS

Coordinators: Arzu Tugce Guler (Amsterdam Univ. Medical Center) and William Noble (University of Washington)
Workshop Reports: 2019, 201820172016201420132012


Coordinators: Richard Rogers (Juno Therapeutics) and Hao Zhang (Amgen)
Workshop Reports: 2019, 20182017201620152014,

Career Development

Coordinators: Lucinda Hittle (Merck & Co., Inc) and Charles Veltri (Midwestern University College of Pharmacy-Glendale)
Workshop Reports: 2019, 2018

Clinical Chemistry

Coordinator: Don Chace (Medolac) and Candice Ulmer (CDC)
Workshop Reports: 2019, 2018201720152013

Data Independent Acquisition

Coordinators: Florian Meier (Max Planck Gesellschaft) and Birgit Schilling (The Buck Institute)
Workshop Reports: 2019, 2018201720162013

Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics (DMPK)

Coordinators: Brian Rago (Pfizer) and Aaron Teitelbaum (Boehringer-Ingelheim)
Workshop Reports: 2019, 2018201720162015,

Energy, Petroleum and Biofuels

Coordinators: Leonard Nyadong (Phillips 66) and Amy McKenna (Natl High Magnetic Field Laboratory)
Workshop Reports: 2019, 20182017201620152014

Environmental Applications

Coordinators: Paul Chiarelli (Loyola University), Pierangela Palma (University of Urbino), Andrew Ottens (VCU Health)
Workshop Reports: 2019, 2018201720162015,
For more from this group (presentation slides, etc.) click here.


Coordinators: Benedikt Warth (University of Vienna) and Silvia Balbo (University of Minnesota)
Workshop Reports: 2019, 2018, 2017, 20162015
For more from this group (presentation slides, etc.) click here.

Flavor, Fragrance and Foodstuff

Coordinators: Travis Falconer (FDA) and James Redwine (Kalsec, Inc) 
Workshop Reports: 2019, 2018201720162015,
For more from this group (presentation slides, etc.) click here.

Forensics and Homeland Security

Coordinators: Ruth Waddell-Smith (Michigan State University) and Brittany Casey (Southwestern Institute of Forensic Sciences)
Workshop Reports: 2019, 201820172014


Coordinators: Lissa Anderson (NHMFL) and TBD.
Workshop Reports: 2019, 2018201720162015,


Coordinators: Alexander Makarov (Thermo Fisher Scientific) and Alexandre Shvartsburg (Wichita State University)
Workshop Reports: 2019, 2018, 2017, 20162015,

HD Exchange, Covalent Labeling and Cross Linking

Coordinators: Jim Bruce (University of Washington) and Miklos Guttman (University of Washington)
Workshop Reports: 2019, 2018201720162015,

Imaging Mass Spectrometry

Coordinators: Peggi Angel (Medical University of South Carolina) and Tiffany Porta (MI4 Maastricht)
Workshop Reports: 2019, 2017, 20162015201420132012

Ion Mobility Mass Spectrometry

Coordinators: Jakub Ujma (Waters Corp.) and Ian Webb (Indiana University)
Workshop Reports: 2019, 201720162015201420132012
For more from this group (presentation slides, etc.) click here.

Ion Trap Mass Spectrometry

Coordinators: Desmond Kaplan (KapScience LLC) and Theresa Evans-Nguyen (University of South Florida)
Workshop Reports: 2019, 20182017201620152014

LCMS and Related Topics

Coordinators: Kendra Adams (Duke University) and Eric Soderblom (Duke University)
Workshop Reports: 2019, 20172016201420132012

Lipids and Lipidomics

Coordinators: Kim Ekroos (Lipodomics Consulting) and Michael Holčapek (Univerzita Pardubice, Czech Republic)
Workshop Reports: 2019, 201820172016201520142013


Coordinators: Tim Garrett (University of Florida) and Miriam Sindelar (Washington University, St. Louis)
Workshop Reports: 2019, 2017, 2016201520142013

Metal Ion Coordination Chemistry

Coordinators: Allegra Aron (UCSD) and Franklin Leach (University of Georgia)
Workshop Reports: 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016201520132012

Oligonucleotides and Nucleic Acids

Coordinators: TBD
Workshop Reports:  20172016201520132012


Coordinators: Glenn Harris (908 Devices) and Richard Rogers (Juno Biotherapeutics)
Workshop Reports: 2019, 201820172015201420132012

Photoionization MS

Coordinators: Sven Ehlert (University of Rostock) and Matthias Lorenz (University of Tennessee)
Workshop Reports: 2019, 2017201620142013

Polymeric Materials

Coordinators: Jessica Hoskins (Stepan Company) and Christina Mastromatteo (Lubrizol)
Workshop Reports: 2019, 2018201720162015,

Regulated Bioanalysis

Coordinator: Fabio Garofolo (BRI Biopharmaceutical Research) and Dian Su (Genentech)
Workshop Reports: 2019, 2018201720162015,

Top Down Proteomics

Coordinators: Joe Cannon (Merck) and Frederik Lermyte (University of Warwick)
Workshop Reports: 2019, 2018

Undergraduate Research in MS

Coordinators: Jay G. Forsythe (College of Charleston) and Kate Stumpo (College of Charleston)
Workshop Reports: 2019, 201720162015201420132012

Young Mass Spectrometrists

Coordinators: Sharon Pitteri (Stanford University) and Chris Rose (Genentech)
Workshop Reports: 2019, 2018201720162015,