ASMS Bibliometric Project

Bibliometric Analyses Reveal Patterns of Collaboration between ASMS Members

Magnus Palmblad (Leiden University Medical Center) and Nees Jan van Eck (Leiden University)

We have explored the collaborative network of the current American Society for Mass Spectrometry (ASMS) membership using bibliometric methods. The analysis shows that in May 2020, 4,643 members are connected in a single, large, co-authorship graph, including the majority of the most published authors in the field of mass spectrometry. The map reveals topographical differences between university groups and national laboratories, and that the co-authors with the strongest links have long worked together at the same location. We have collected and summarized information on the geographical distribution of members, showing a high coverage of active researchers in North America and Western Europe. Looking at research fields, we could also identify a number of new or ‘hot’ topics among ASMS members.

Read the JASMS article describing the Bibliometric Project.

Instructions on How-To Use the Bibiliometric Resource

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