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R Fundamentals and Best Practices for Mass Spectrometry Data Analysis

Nov 7, 8, 14, &15, 2020

Presented Online via Zoom, 12:00 - 3:15 PM Eastern-USA each day

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All registrants received an email message from choimeena.ijae [at] today November 5. This email from choimeena.ijae [at] contains the Zoom and YouTube linksyou will need to connect to the online fall workshop. This email message was sent to the email registrants indicated on the pre-workshop survey.


Ryan Benz (Seer, Inc.),  Meena Choi (Genentech), and Olga Vitek (Northeastern University)

Workshop Description

This workshop is focused on introducing the R programming language to those who have little-to-no experience with R and/or coding in general.  While the main goal of the workshop is to cover the basic fundamentals of R and best practices, mass spectrometry-based data sets will be used throughout the course to make it relevant for those in the mass spectrometry field.  To help participant get over some of the initial challenges new R users often face, the workshop will be divided into focused lectures followed by small group working sessions with teaching assistants (1 TA per ~5 participants) who will actively work with participants to answer questions and assist with practice exercises. Check the preliminary program page for more information.

Workshop Focus

  • Main focus: coding fundamentals and best practices to support reproducible data analysis
  • This workshop will not focus on specific statistical methods or their underlying theory.
  • The workshop will have extensive hands-on components throughout, including coding exercises and question-and-answer sessions.
  • To place the workshop in the context of the ASMS audience, the examples and exercises will be based on typical mass spectrometry data sets.

Workshop Goals

At the end of the workshop, participants should have a good understanding of:

  • R programming fundamentals: basic syntax, how to work with RStudio, R data structures
  • Basic data manipulation: how to read data files, tidy data, rearranging data
  • Data plotting basics: how to use ggplot2, generate basic plots
  • Reproducible data analysis: using scripts, functions, and RMarkdown to capture all steps of a project; good practices for coding style, documentation, project organization and versioning

Attendee Requirements

Zoom application installed on your computer and a reliable internet connection. Workshop will be taught using RStudio Cloud (requires the creation of a free account). At this time, we do not anticipate any software will need to be installed on attendee computers (aside from the Zoom application and a modern web browser)

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