Travel to & About Asilomar

See map of Asilomar campus. The Chapel building is location for ALL Conference Sessions & Posters. You will come to Chapel beginning at 4pm on Friday Dec 10 to pick up your name badge and present your Covid protocol documents (see homepage for Covid protocol for this meeting.)

Arriving at Asilomar

Asilomar Conference Center is located at 800 Asilomar Avenue, Pacific Grove, CA 93950. All conference sessions take place on the Asilomar grounds in the Chapel. If you are lodging at Asilomar you will check in at the front desk in the Phoebe Hearst Social Hall. Parking is free on the campus as long as you are parked in a legal space (avoid the red curbs, this means 'no parking'.)

Great information on the Visit Asilomar website, too: 

Driving to Asilomar

If you drive to Asilomar from San Francisco or San Jose, make your way to California Highway 1 and go south. After you pass the Monterey exits, take the second Pacific Grove exit (Route 68 West). Travel west on Route 68 for approximately 10 minutes (watch for where Route 68 West turns left). Near the bottom of the hill, turn right on Asilomar Blvd. The main entrance to Asilomar is at the intersection of Asilomar Blvd and Sinex. If you have rented a car and are driving from SJC or SFO, please consider offering a ride to fellow attendees using the Google sheet below.

Air Travel to Asilomar

For those flying into SJC (San Jose) or SFO (San Francisco)

Are you looking to match up with other attendees for a ride? You might already have a rental car and can take folks with you; maybe you would like to rent a car but want help offsetting the cost; or you are simply looking for a ride. Use our Google sheet (link below) to fill in your info, check back to contact fellow attendees.

Go to Google Sheet for ASMS Asilomar 2021 Ride Share

Asilomar is approximately 120 miles from San Francisco International Airport (SFO) and 65 miles from San Jose International Airport (SJC).  From these airports to Asilomar you may choose to rent a car or take the Monterey Airbus shuttle.  From SFO to Asilomar the fee is $65 one-way and from SJC the fee is $55 one-way.  Save $5 per trip if you book online at Their website has detailed pages on schedules (to airport and from airport).

For airport bus service, the Monterey Airbus also has a special booking link for Asilomar guests. Please use 

You may also fly into the Monterey Airport (MRY). The best way to get from Monterey Airport to Asilomar is with rideshare (Uber or Lyft). Taxis are limited to non-existent.

Attire for Asilomar and the Weather

Attire at Asilomar and the Weather

First, this is an INFORMAL conference. Many people will wear blue jeans! You will want to dress in layers (think vests, fleece jackets, etc.) The facility is a campus so you will be walking OUTDOORS and you will want to dress appropriately to stay warm. Temperatures are anticipated to be in the high 50 degrees Farenheit and lows in the low 40 degrees Farenheit. We might even suggest a knit hat and gloves. 

There is typically coastal fog which can intensify the cold feeling.

During breaks and on the Sunday free afternoon you will want to have comfortable walking shoes to explore the beach (just across the road!), visit the Monterey Bay Aquarium, or for the intrepid join a group to go kayaking on the Monterey Bay (wet suit comes with kayak rental!)