Hotels and Travel

What Cancellation of the Face-to-Face Conference Means for Your Hotel Reservation

If you reserved a hotel guest room via the ASMS Housing Bureau your reservation will be automatically cancelled. You will receive an email notification of your cancelation in the coming week. You will not be charged any penalty. Do NOT contact the hotel.

If you reserved a guest room on your own (outside of the ASMS block, not using the ASMS Housing Bureau), you must cancel your reservation directly with the hotel.



Beware Fraudulent Housing Company Alert

  • Beware of "housing pirates" that may contact you by phone or email. These are scams. ASMS and its housing bureau, managed by Orchid Events, does NOT solicit by phone or email for hotel reservations.
  • We are already aware that a company is calling ASMS exhibitors (corporate members) and luring them to call an 800 phone number by claiming that they have important information about the ASMS conference in Atlanta.
  • Remember, ASMS does not solicit attendees for housing reservations. Please do not be baited by anyone who does.
  • PROTECT YOURSELF and use  the official ASMS-sanctioned Housing Bureau, which you can access only through this website.
  • ASMS is not responsible for and cannot guarantee any reservations made through any third party housing provider. We look forward to seeing you in Atlanta!