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ASMS Committees are in most cases recommended by the current committee members, approved by the Board, and appointed by the President. The committees oversee specific functions of the society. Committee terms of two years are staggered. Face-to-face committee meetings are scheduled at the annual conference. If you have an interest in serving on a committee, please contact a current committee member or the President to express your interest. New members are appointed each year.

Asilomar Conference Committee

Chris Anderton (PNNL), term ends 6/30/2026
John Bowden (University of Florida), Chair, term ends 6/30/2024
Laura Sanchez (UC Santa Cruz), Chair-Elect, term ends 6/30/2025
Susan Richardson (University of South Carolina), ASMS Board Past President, term ends 6/30/2024

Learn about the Asilomar Conference Committee duties and responsibilities.

Award Selection Committees

The Award Selection Committees are anonymous and are appointed by the President of ASMS.  Learn about duties and responsibilities of the Awards Committees.

Corporate Liaison Committee

Patrick Batoon (Agilent), Chair, ASMS Vice-President Arrangements, term ends 6/30/2025
Michael Andersen (Evosep), terms ends 6/30/2025
Suzanne Carlson (908 Devices), term ends 6/30/2025
Julie Horner-Buxton (Agilent), term ends 6/30/2025
Lance Nicolaysen (Waters Corporation), term ends 6/30/2024
Savannah Snyder (Bruker), term ends 6/30/2025

Learn more about the Corporate Liaison Committee duties and responsibilities.

Membership, Diversity & Inclusion Committee

Candice Ulmer (USDA-FSIS), Chair, ASMS Board Member-at-Large for Membership, term ends 6/30/2024
Farzana Azam (SCIEX), term ends 6/30/2025
Hee-Yong Kim (NIH), term ends 6/30/2024
Devin Schweppe (University of Washington), term ends 6/30/2025
Baljit Ubhi (MOBILion Systems), term ends 6/30/2024

Learn about the Membership, Diversity & Inclusion Committee duties and responsibilities. Check out resources available from the committee.

Education Committee

Livia Eberlin (Baylor College of Medicine), Chair, ASMS Board Member-at-Large for Education, term ends 6/30/2024
Bingming Chen (Merck), term ends 6/30/2025
Stacy Malaker (Yale University), term ends 6/30/2024
Stephanie Samra 
(Thermo Fisher Scientific), term ends 6/30/2025
Ian Webb (IUPUI), term ends 6/30/2024

Learn about the Education Committee duties and responsibilities.

History Committee

P. Jane Gale, Chair, ASMS Archivist/Historian
Chip Cody (JEOL), term ends 6/30/2025
Catherine Fenselau
(retired University of Maryland College Park), term ends 6/30/2024
Michael Grayson (retired Washington University St. Louis), ex officio
David Herold
(UCSD), term ends 6/30/2024
Rachel Loo (UCLA), term ends 6/30/2025

Learn more about the History Committee duties and responsibilities.

Nominating Committee

Jennifer Brodbelt (University of Texas, Austin), Chair, term ends 6/30/2023
Peggi Angel (Medical University of South Carolina), term ends 6/30/2024
Tarun Anumol
(Agilent), term ends 6/30/23
Abraham Badu-Tawiah (The Ohio State University), term ends 6/30/2024
Touradj Solouki (Baylor University), term ends 6/30/2023

Learn about the Nominating Committee duties and responsibilities.

Publications Committee

Kelly Hines (University of Georgia), Chair, ASMS Member-at-Large for Publications, term ends 6/30/2025
Joe Cannon (Bristol Meyers Squibb), term ends 6/30/2024
Caroline DeHart (Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research), term ends 6/30/2025
Stefani Thomas (University of Minnesota), term ends 6/30/2024
Mingxun Wang (UC Riverside), term ends 6/30/2025
Vicki Wysocki (The Ohio State University), JASMS Editor-in-Chief, ex officio

Learn about the Publications Committee duties and responsibilities.

Sanibel Conference Committee

Xiuxia Du (University of North Carolina, Charlotte), Chair, term ends 6/30/2024
Sarah Rogstad (US FDA), term ends 6/30/2025
John Stutzman (DOW Chemical), term ends 6/30/2026
Sharon Pitteri (Stanford University), ASMS Treasurer and Board Liaison, term ends 6/30/2024

Learn about the Sanibel Conference duties and responsibilities.