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History Videos

Alfred O.C. Nier Video Al Nier's Early Career at the University of Minnesota: Discovery of a New Isotope of Potassium

First Commerical Manufacturer of Mass Spectrometers: ConsolidatedEngineering Corp (CEC)
Learn about how CEC workshops evolve into today's ASMS

Recording Mass Spectra with a Mass Spectrograph
The CEC 21-110 Mass Spectrograph using photoplate detection

The Ion Optics of a Mauttauch-Herzog Mass Analyzer: The CEC 21-110

One Man's Noise: Christie G. Enke remembers development of the Triple Quad Mass Spectrometer

Science History Institute

ASMS has been an affiliated society of the Science History Institute (the Institute) for over 20 years. During that time, the ASMS archivist has served as an observer of the the Institute Board Meetings, then as a member of the Board of Directors, and finally as a member of the Science History Council.

The Institute has contributed to ASMS by providing support and assistance on a number of projects.

  • Collection and maintenance of significant mass spectrometry artifacts. 
  • Providing funds and services for the publication of “Measuring Mass” for the 50th Anniversary Conference. 
  • Providing funds and services in the collection and maintenance of oral histories of prominent scientists in the field of mass spectrometry. 
  • Providing funds and resources for the collection and organization of papers of prominent mass spectrometrists. 
You are encouraged to visit the Institute online (www.sciencehistory.org) or in person if you are in Philadelphia. The Science History Institute and Museum is located at 315 Chestnut Street, in the heart of the Philadelphia historic district.