Al Yergey MS Scientist Award

YergeyThe Al Yergey Mass Spectrometry Scientist Award is sponsored by ASMS to recognize dedication and significant contributions to mass spectrometry-based science by “unsung heroes.” This award is named in memory of Al Yergey a well-respected scientist who served 45 years at National Institutes of Health where he was known as a dedicated mentor. 2018 marked the 50th year of Al's ASMS membership. 

Nominations will be held for three years. Up to three awards ($1000 each and a plaque) will be presented at the ASMS Annual Conference. Nominations are due November 30. Scroll down for details on nomination process.

Al Yergey MS Scientist 2021 Recipients

KushnirDr. Mark Kushnir is one of two recipients of the 2021 Al Yergey MS Scientist Award. He is the Scientific Director for Mass Spectrometry Research and Development at the ARUP Institute for Clinical and Experimental Pathology. He spearheaded the adoption of tandem mass spectrometry by ARUP Laboratories and has done exemplary work on developing mass-spectrometry-based clinical assays to be used for patient care, including using desalting columns to purify unbound molecules from plasma samples, leading to a clinical assay for 25-hydroxyvitamin D. He has published more than
100 papers and also been involved with discovery projects and scientific collaborations with many researchers.

Dr. Kushnir has mentored countless people, including R&D colleagues, clinical chemistry fellows and pathology residents. He is an editorial Board Member for many publications and is a regular reviewer for clinical chemistry and analytical chemistry journals and organizations.

SomogyiDr. Arpad Somogyi is recipient of the second 2021 Al Yergey MS Scientist Award. He is Associate Director of MS&P facility at the Ohio State University. He has been involved in key research areas including instrument design related to SID, small molecule analysis by FT-ICR, the study of fragmentation mechanisms of protonated peptides, and the structural investigation of proteins and protein substrate interactions. He has authored over 125 scientific publications.

Dr. Somogyi has mentored countless graduate students and post-doctoral fellows. He served as an instructor at an ASMS 2-day short course for 10 years. He also contributes to multiple OSU credit courses and regularly reviews for journals in areas of fundamental topics.

Eligibility & How To Submit a Nomination

Eligibility. Nominations are open to scientists (NON-tenure track) in academic, government, non-profit, and industrial labs. Nominees must be members of ASMS.

Nominations are due November 30. 
How to Nominate. First, complete and submit the online nomination form. Second, insure that required letters are sent by email. Nomination is not complete until letters are received by info [at] asms [dot] org. Letters must be received by November 30.
Items needed to complete the online nomination form:

  1. The nominee’s current position, affiliation, and contact information;
  2. A brief statement describing the dedication and contributions of the nominee to mass spectrometry;
  3. The nominee’s CV or biographical sketch;
  4. Names and emails of two professional colleagues of the nominee who will provide a one-page letter of support.

Award recipients will be selected by a committee of members appointed by the ASMS President.

Past Recipients of the Al Yergey MS Scientist Award

2020: Rachel Ogorzalek Loo

2019: Jeffrey Shabanowitz