Accessibility & Inclusion

ASMS strives to foster accessible spaces and inclusivity during the annual conference. Our team can help identify if the current accessibility protocols will meanfully support your access needs.

Here is what is already built as part of our conference planning process.

Look for these Accessibility & Inclusion Features in Anaheim (already in place)


Assistive Listening Devices (ALD) are available in each oral session room as well as the plenary session room. To request a device, please proceed to the Audio-Visual Tech table near the front of each session room. The technician in the room has a limited number of devices to be used in the room. Please be sure to return the device before you leave the session room. If you need ASL interpreter(s), please use our ADA Accessibility Accommodation Request Form.


All meeting and event spaces are accessible to wheelchair and scooter users. Ask for assistance at the building or ASMS Help Counter onsite, if you do not easily find elevators or ramps.

Mobility scooter rentals are not available in the convention center, but we have identified several rental companies that provide rental service that includes delivery and pick-up at your local hotel.

Wheelchair and scooter seating areas will be designated in the front and rear of each session room.

Rest areas for attendees with mobility challenges to take breaks when travelling distances within the convention center. 


A detailed conference program PDF will be available on the ASMS website in early May. In addition, the online planner and mobile app may be used with screen readers.

If you will have a personal assistant or guide join you at the conference, please let us know so we can provide a free conference registration. 

Lactation / Nursing Room

Two designated rooms are available in the convention center. Each room has an indicator to let you know if the room is in use. If you find both rooms unavailable, let us know at the ASMS Help Counter (near badge printing) and we can help locate an alternate location.

Single-Use / Family / Gender Neutral Bathrooms

A number of single-use bathrooms are found in the convention center. 

Quiet Room

The Quiet Room will provide attendees with a peaceful and calm environment where they can relax, recharge, and take a break from the sensory overload.

Prayer Room

The Prayer Room is available throughout the conference.

Pronoun Stickers

Stickers are available in the badge-printing area. Look for display near program books and bags.

ADA Accessibility Accommodation Request

If you need an ADA accommodation, please submit our online request form.

Please submit your request at least eight (8) weeks prior to the event to allow adequate time for planning and scheduling.