About ASMS

About ASMS Leadership and How to get involved

Board of Directors

ASMS is managed by an elected Board of Directors consisting of nine members who each serve a two-year term. The Board meets three times per year. Board members are elected directly by the ASMS membership. The nominating committee will meet in early June to determine the candidates. The next election will be December.

How to get involved with the Board: 1) All ASMS members are encouraged to participate and VOTE in the annual election. 2) To suggest a nominee (can be you!) for the next cycle, please submit the name by email to info@asms.org along with a brief statement about the proposed nominee by early May. This information will be shared with the Nominating Committee. Members may also approach a member of the Nominating Committee directly with suggestions. Nominees must be members of ASMS continuously for two years prior to the year of nomination and reside in North America to be eligible.

Committees and Interest Groups

Committees (standing and ad-hoc)

The ASMS Board relies on committees to oversee specific areas of the society. Standing committees are composed of a Board liaison and ASMS members appointed by the Board. View list of standing committees.

How to get involved with Committees: ASMS members interested in serving on a committee are encouraged to approach a current committee member and express your interest. Each year new committee members are appointed to staggered terms. Committees submit names for new members each year to the Board of Directors for approval. To contact a committee member, please request to info@asms.org. Additionally, members are welcome to contact the President of ASMS to indicate general interest in service on a committee. Committees also select recipients of ASMS Awards. These committee members are anonymous. Occasionally new committees are created to manage new initiatives of ASMS.

Interest Groups

ASMS Interest Groups represent technical areas and are led by two (or more) coordinators. ASMS members are invited to select areas of interest within their ASMS.org user profile. Interest group coordinators are invited to organize a technical evening workshop for the annual conference. Interest Group coordinators are appointed by the Board with input from retiring Interest Group leaders.

How to get involved with Interest Groups: Members interested in serving as interest group coordinators are encouraged to attend the Annual Conference technical evening workshop(s) of groups in which they are interested. Let one of the current coordinators know of your interest in serving as coordinator in the future. Interest group coordinators serve staggered two-year terms, and each year a new coordinator is needed. If you would like contact information for an interest group coordinator, please request to info@asms.org.