Lodging at Asilomar

Attendees and speakers are encouraged to reserve a room at Asilomar. Guest room lodging at Asilomar is not included in the conference registration fee and must be booked separately using the special reservation link posted below.

What is Asilomar Like?

The campus-style setting of Asilomar offers an ideal environment for informal meetings and recreational activities. Asilomar, “the refuge by the sea,” is located at the tip of the Monterey Peninsula overlooking the Pacific Ocean. It occupies 105 acres of secluded forest and dunes that are preserved by the California State Park System as a nature center and historic site. The accommodations at Asilomar are charming and comfortable; rooms each have private en-suite bathrooms and also have WiFi, but do not have TV or phone.

Guest Rooms in the ASMS block at Asilomar include 3 meals per day. To reserve for the full conference, October 9 - 13 it will be a four-night stay (Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday), departure on Tuesday.

An online guest room reservation link will be available in June 2021.

Cancellation of Asilomar Guest Room Reservation. There is a $100 cancellation fee for reservations cancelled up to September 8. After September 8 there are no refunds for room reservation cancellations.

Guest Room Types and 2020 Rates (2021 Rates will be posted here in June 2021)

We anticipate the 2021 rates will increase only slightly. The increase will reflect the local taxes in effect for 2021.

The guest room rates at Asilomar are ALL-INCLUSIVE --they include nightly taxes and three meals per day. Before making your reservation, please also read details on Asilomar guest room reservation cancellation below and on your confirmation from Asilomar once you make your reservation (you will receive an email confirmation from Asilomar once you reserve). If you need a break-down of nightly charges for your institute that separates guest room and meals, please click here.

Single Occupancy (one person, one room), $296.94 per day includes three meals per day and all taxes. Or the breakdown is:

  • $188.14 + tax / nightly room rate
  • $85.32 per day for three meals (includes service and tax)

Roommate Request - Double Occupancy* (shared room with two beds), $197.13 per day includes three meals per day and all taxes. Or the breakdown is:

  • $100.07 + tax / nightly room rate
  • $85.32 per day for three meals (includes service and tax)

*Roommates. If you opt to have a Roommate Request, you will be prompted to indicate your gender on the Guest Information page of housing reservation process. IF you have a roommate preference (a colleague or friend who is also attending the meeting), please indicate their full name in the Additional Information section of the housing reservation process. 

Participant Plus Guest - Double Occupancy (shared room with one king bed), $394.26 per day includes three meals per day and all taxes. Or the breakdown is:

  • $188.14 + tax / nightly room rate
  • $85.32 x 2 people per day for three meals (includes service and tax)


Offsite Participants (if you are not staying at Asilomar)

All conference attendees who opt to stay offsite and not reserve a guest room at Asilomar will pay a $200 offsite fee. This fee must be paid through online conference registration. The fee covers a usage fee assessed by the facility as well as lunch tickets for Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. If you have already registered for the conference and need to pay your offsite fee, simply login to online registration and add this fee.

Participant Guests

Guests are welcome to accompany conference attendees. If you are lodging onsite at Asilomar, you may request and pay for lodging for your guest as well using the Participant Plus Guest - Double Occupancy option in Asilomar Online Housing.  Guests staying at Asilomar will receive three meals per day included with their lodging fee.