Oral Presenters

What to do for your TALK at ASMS

ATTENTION: speakers erroneously received a message from on May 19 inviting them to add content to mobile app-planner. This was a mistake, there is no pre-conference upload for mobile app-planner for speakers/talks. INSTEAD PLEASE follow the instructions below.

As a speaker at ASMS, please do the following:

  • Each speaker will have 20 minutes for presentation. Please plan your talk for 17 minutes to allow for introduction and questions.
  • Prepare your presentation with 16:9 aspect ratio. Most session rooms are LARGE – seating 700-1,000 people. Be sure your visuals are clear and very legible. ASMS policy states that institutional or company logos may appear only on the title slide. Please take care to respect this rule.
  • Take your presentation to the Speaker Ready Room (M101 ABC in Minneapolis Convention Center) at least one day prior to your talk to upload your presentation to the AV network. You may not load presentations in the session room. Technicians will be in the Speaker Ready Room according to the schedule printed in the program.
  • Each parallel session room is equipped with PC computers running Windows and Microsoft Office and a Mac with the latest OSBe sure to test your presentation in the Speaker Ready Room.
  • Arrive in session room 30 minutes before the start of your session to introduce yourself to the session chair.

Special note regarding masks and microphones! Speakers are not required to be masked while at the speaker table. If speakers wish to wear a mask, this is fine! The lavelier (clip) microphones will detect your voice and project sufficiently.