Past Conferences

This page includes topic history for the Asilomar Conference, Fall Workshop, and Sanibel Conference.

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Asilomar Conference History

2019: Imaging Mass Spectrometry (Julia Laskin, Lingjun Li, Jeffrey Spraggins)

2018: Quantitative Anaylsis of Post Translational Modification by MS (Heather Desaire, Nick Young)

2017: Impact of Metabolomics in Translational and Clinical Research (Garrett, Petucci)

2016: Novel Instrumentation in Mass Spectrometry and Ion Mobility Spectrometry (Austin, Ouyang)

2015: Native Mass Spectrometry and Structural Biology (Albert Heck, Joe Loo)

2014: Advances in Glycomics and Glycoproteomics: Methods and Applications (Yehia Mechref, Carlito Lebrilla) 

2013: Environmental Chemistry, Toxicology and Health (Xing-Fang Li, Susan Richardson)

2012: Food Safety and Quality (John Callahan, Tom Brenna)

2011: Metabolomics (Oliver Fiehn, Daniel Jones)

2010: Fundamentals of Atmospheric Pressure ionization Techniques (Richard Cole, Charles McEwen)

2009: Ion Spectroscopy (Tomas Baer, Robert Dunbar)

2008: Recent Advances in Ion Trapping MS Instrumentation and Experiments (Alan Marshall, Jennifer Brodbelt)

2007: Clinical Chemistry & Molecular Diagnostics (Alan Rockwood, Ravinder Singh)

2006: Fundamentals of Gas Phase Ion Chemistry (Frank Turecek, Thomas Morton)

2005: Biomarkers, Discovery and Validation (Steve Carr, Leigh Anderson)

2004: Metabolite Profiling:  Biomarker Discovery, Drug Efficacy and Fundamental Biochemistry (Gary Siuzdak)

2003: Biomolecular Interactions (Joseph Loo)

2002: Carbohydrates/Glycobiology (Julie Leary, Carlito Lebrilla)

2001: Real World Challenges & New Developments in Environmental Mass Spec Measurements (Kim Prather, Paul Shepson)

2000: Characterization of Protein Conformation by Mass Spec (David Clemmer, David L. Smith)

1999: Mass Spec and Proteomics (Reudi Aebersold, John Stults)

1998: Mass Spectrometric Detection in Chemical Separations (Chris Enke, Ken Tomer)

1997: Mass Spectrometry and Drug Discovery (Steve Carr, Brad Gibson)

Fall Workshop History

2019:  Atmospheric Pressure Ionization: Fundamentals and Applications (Rachel Loo, Andre Venter)

2018: Metabolomics Informatics (Erin Baker, Gary Patti)

2017: Top-Down Proteomics (Ying Ge, Ljiljana Pasa-Tolic)

2016: Sample Preparation for Analysis of Real-World Samples by MS:  Quality Data (Henion & R. Grant)

2015: Lipids and Lipidomics (Gavin Reid, Xianlin Han)

2014: Ion Mobility Mass Spectrometry (Matthew Bush, Alexandre Shvartsburg)

2013: Imaging Mass Spectrometry (Michelle Reyzer, Demian Ifa)

2012: Mass Spectrometry-based Protein Phosphorylation Analysis and Phosphoproteomics (Andy Tao, Joshua Coon)

2011: High Res MS in Drug Discovery and Development (Ragu Ramanathan, Walter Korfmacher)

2010: Glycproteomics and Glycomics (Joseph Zaia, Lance Wells)

2009: Bioinformatics for Protein Identification (John Cotrell, Karl Clauser)

2008: Protein-Protein Interactions and Non-Covalent Complexes (Julie Leary, Joseph Loo)

2007: The Art of Open Air Ionization on Surfaces (David Sparkman, Facundo Fernandez)

2006: Quadrupole Ion Trap Mass Spectrometry (Victor Ryzhov, Richard Vachet)

2005: Characterization of Microorganisms by Mass Spectrometry (Jody Shoemaker, Karen Wahl)

2004: Polymer Mass Spectrometry (Bob Lattimer, Bill Wallace)

2003: Mass Spectrometry Supporting Pharmaceutical ADME Studies (Timothy Baker)

2002: Comparative and Functional Proteomics (Stephen Naylor)

2001: High Throughput and Automated Mass Spec (Randy Julian)

2000: Biological FTICR Mass Spectrometry (Michelle Buchanan)

1999: Micro-Sample Preparation of Proteins and Peptides for Mass Spec (John Stults)

1998: Analysis of Nucleic Acids by Mass Spectrometry (Pamela Crain)

1996: Limits to Confirmation, Quantitation & Detection (Robert Betham)

1994: Mass Spectrometry & Good Laboratory Practices (Robert Boyd, Jack Henion)

1993: Laser Desorption in Biological & Polymer Analysis (Jon Amster, Kenneth Busch)

1992: Electrospray Ionization (James McCloskey, Robert Murphy)

1991: Elemental Mass Spectrometry (Willard Harrison)

1989: Continuous Flow FAB (Richard Caprioli)

1986: Time of Flight Mass Analysis (Robert Cotter)

1984: High Mass Ion Analysis

Sanibel Conference History

2020: Unravelling the Exposome (Jarod Grossman and Anthony Macherone)

2019: Chemical Cross-Linking & Covalent Labeling: From Proteins to Cellular Networks (Lan Huang, Andrea Sinz, Richard Vachet)

2018: Molecular Modeling and Quantum Mechanical Calculations in Mass Spectrometry:  From Small Molecules to Large Multimeric Protein Complexes (Campuzano, Stipdonk, Sobott)

2017: Peptidomics: Bridging the Gap between Proteomics and Metabolomics by Mass Spectrometry (Li, Sweedler, Andren)

2016: Characterization of Protein Therapeutics by Mass Spectrometry: Recent Developments and Future Trends (Guodong Chen, Justin Sperry)

2015: Security and Forensic Applications in Mass Spectrometry (Glen Jackson, Jose Almirall)

2014: Ion Activation:  Fundamentals, Applications and New Frontiers (Ryan Julian, Richard Vachet)

2013: Top Down Proteomics (Neil Kelleher, Ljiljana Paša-Tolić)

2012: Mass Spectrometry Techniques for Structural Biology (John McLean, Brandon Ruotolo)

2011: From Fragmentation Mechanisms to Sequencing: Tandem Mass Spectrometry Based Peptide and Protein Identification (Bela Paizs, Matthias Mann)

2010: From Structural Biology to Drug Discovery (Dan Fabris, Patrick Limbach)

2009: Lipodomics and Lipid MS (Robert Murphy, Hee-Yong Kim)

2008: Ion Mobility and Related Emerging Areas (David Clemmer, Gary Eiceman)

2007: Imaging Mass Spectrometry (Richard Caprioli, Ron Heeren, Markus Stoecki)

2006: Biomarker Structure, Dynamics, and Function:  Hydrogen Exchange & Covalent Labeling (Igor Kaltashov, John Engen)

2005: MS in Forensic Science and Counterterrorism (Peter Dreifus, Brian Eckenrode, Julia Dolan)

2004: Inorganic Mass Spectrometry (Charles Evans)

2003: Ion Activation in Chemistry and Biochemistry:  Mechanisms, Dynamics, and Applications (Jennifer Brodbelt, Graham Cooks)

2002: Front End Sample Handling Techniques for Analysis by Mass Spec (Jack Henion, Jack Watson)

2001: Informatics and Mass spectrometry

2000: Field Portable and Miniature Mass Spec (Henk Meuzelaar, Marcus Wise)

1999: Mass Spec in Clinical Diagnosis of Disease (Donald Chace, Stephen Naylor)

1998: Time-of Flight Mass Spec (Brian Chait, Murray Johnston)

1997: Quadrupole Ion Traps (Gary Glish, Raymond March)

1995: Physics & Chemistry of Electrospray & Multiply Charged Ions (Robert Voyksner, Paul Kebarle)

1994: Mass Spectrometry in Polymer & Materials Science (Robert Lattimer, Stanley Israel)

1993: Mass Spectrometry of Carbohydrates (Vernon Reinhold)

1992: Lasers in Mass Spectrometry (Tom Baer, Klaus Biemann)

1991: Ion Activation and Dissociation (Robert Boyd, Richard Caprioli)

1990: Ion Trapping in Mass Spectrometry (Michelle Buchanan, Gary Glish)

1989: Mechanisms in Desorption Ionization Mass Spectrometry (Ken Bush, Robert Cotter, Mark Ross)