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35th Asilomar Conference on Mass Spectrometry

Mass Spectrometry Imaging: New Developments and Applications

October 11 - 15, 2019

Julia Laskin (Purdue University)
Lingjun Li (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Jeffrey Spraggins (Vanderbilt University)

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Follow-up from the 2018 Asilomar Conference on Quantitative Analysis of Posttranslational Modifications by Mass Spectrometry

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About Asilomar 2019 on Mass Spectrometry Imaging

Mass spectrometry imaging is a vibrant, rapidly developing area of research that attracts researchers from numerous fields including instrumentation development, drug discovery, biotechnology, clinical research, forensics, and beyond. The 2019 ASMS Asilomar conference on mass spectrometry imaging is timely as there will be discussion on the progress made over the last decade. This conference will bring together researchers from multiple disciplines to discuss key challenges, innovative developments, and emerging applications in mass spectrometry imaging. 

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