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38th Asilomar Conference on Mass Spectrometry

Computational Mass Spectrometry
October 13 - 16, 2023


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Nuno Bandeira (University of California, San Diego)
David Fenyo (New York University School of Medicine)
Olga Vitek (Northeastern University)

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More About the Conference

Computational methods are ubiquitously used in mass spectrometry, and they have a long history of being applied to all its aspects from data acquisition to data interpretation. These methods include signal processing, search and pattern matching algorithms. Recently the application of machine learning methods to science and society have increased dramatically, and some of these methods have found mass spectrometry applications. At the same time access to large amounts of open publicly available mass spectrometry data has enabled new types of inquiries. This proposed conference will cover the main applications of computational methods to mass spectrometry data.



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2022 Photo Memories

At the Monterey Bay Aquarium
More from the Aquarium
Intrepid beachgoers!
L-R: Jennifer Copeland, Blessing Chisom Egbejiogu, Helen Barnes, and Katherine Tran.
At the beach, Blessing Chisom Egbejiogu.
Aquarium 02
Aquarium 01
Scripps lodging building. Alas, no sun, only fog. It's still atmospeheric!
Blessing Chisom Egbejiogu and Jennifer Watson
Scripps Bldg

2021 Photo Memories

After cancelling the 2020 Asilomar Conference due to Covid, what a pleasure to convene in-person for the 36th ASMS Asilomar Conference on Mass Spectrometry in December 2021.

2021 Photo Memories

We enjoyed some magnificent weather on Friday and Saturday. Overcast skies and full-blown storm kicked in for Sunday and Monday. All the while, beautiful talks and posters. Thank you for joining us!

Heading Out

Agathe and Melissa


Porpoises Join Us

Porpoise Approach

Agar and Porpoise

We did it


Group Photo, Saturday, December 11

ASMS Asilomar Group Photo_2021

Group Photo, Monday, December 13

Chapel Group Photo





Asilomar Conference Free Afternoon Photos

A free afternoon can inspire. Check out how past Asilomar Conference participants took advantage of this beautiful stretch of California coast.