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Resources from ASMS Diversity & Inclusion Cmte

The Membership, Diversity, and Inclusion (MDI) Committee promotes and reinforces diversity within the membership of the ASMS by fostering a culture of inclusion and mutual support. This mission is supported by attention to equity and initiatives to enhance and support a broadly representative membership.  

The committee is charged with the design of activities and projects that promote an inclusive climate and increase participation of ASMS members who represents diverse cultural, gender, social, and scientific backgrounds.

View the current committee composition under About ASMS > Committees.

Learn about the MDI committee duties and ongoing activities

Don't Miss Our Society Demographics Posters

Since 2021 the MDI committee has prepared an infographic poster, The Face of ASMS, based on data collected in the user profiles. Go to About ASMS > Society Demographics to view and download these posters. 

Additional posters from the History Committee relating to society demographics are also available.

Resources from Annual Conference Workshops

Building and Implementing Effective DEI Initiatives in the Laboratory Space

Presented at the 2021 annual conference in Philadelphia. View presentation deck of this workshop (PDF) or download of the PowerPoint file.

The videos below are additional resources related to this workshop:

Recognizing the “A” in DEIA: Effective Ways to Improve Accessibility for Mass Spectrometrists

Presented at the 2023 annual conference in Houston. View presentation deck of this workshop (PDF) or download of the PowerPoint file.

Reward Those Who Step Up: Helping to Prevent the Burnout of Underrepresented Groups in the Rollout of DEI Activities

Presented at the 2022 annual conference in Minneapolis. View presentation deck of this workshop (PDF) or download of the PowerPoint file.

Black People Meet @ ASMS

In conjunction with ASMS 2020 Reboot a special webinar in support of #shutdownSTEM and in consideration of the systemic racial injustice that blacks face on a daily basis was hosted.

This session sponsored by Black People Meet @ ASMS covered these topics: explain the negative effects of systemic racism; highlight the struggles and needs of black mass spectrometrists; provide resources to be effective supporters/allies/advocates for NO LONGER perpetuating systemic racism; and call non-blacks to act by not only providing words of support, but to also utilize positions of influence to demand a change.

Resources from Black People Meet @ ASMS Webinar

Webinar Recording | Invitation to continue dialogue below
Webinar image
Webinar Slides | Our Vision of Black People Meet @ ASMS
Our Vision Title Slide
Helpful Resources | for community to view / share
BPM at ASMS Resources_v5
Watch Video | Systemic Racism Explained in 4 min
Systemic Racism Video