About ASMS


ASMS Committees are in most cases recommended by the Board of Directors and are appointed by the President. The committees oversee specific functions of the society.

The Awards and Research Awards Committees are anonymous and are coordinated by the ASMS Secretary.
Gary Glish, Chair
Ljiljana Pasa-Tolic
Lars Konermann

John McLean, Chair
Dil Ramanathan
Alessandra Ferzoco
Megan Gessel

John Yates, Chair
Brett Phinney
Bruce Pascal
Susan Van Riper
Desmond Kaplan
Stephanie Cologna

Facundo Fernandez, Chair
Lorna De Leoz
Will Thompson
Joseph Loo, JASMS Editor
Fanyu Meng, Chair
Victor Ryzhov, Chair Elect
Melinda MacFarland, Member
Ying Ge, ASMS Treasurer
Lingjun Li, Chair
Matt Bush, Past Chair
Benjamin Garcia, Chair Elect
Jenny Brodbelt, Past President
Susan Abbatiello, VP Arrangements
Annick Stolk, Canadian Life Science
Martin Eysberg, Antec Scientific
Bez Moghadam, Thermo Fisher Scientific
Maureen Quaranta, Shimadzu
Donna Hollinshead, Prosolia
Johnny Cardenas, SCIEX


History Committee Members (and Terms)
P. Jane Gale, Chair, ASMS Archivist/Historian
Mariam ElNaggar
David Sparkman
Kenneth Tomer
Alfred Yergey
Michael Grayson, ex officio