About ASMS


The Nominating Committee is selected by the ASMS Board of Directors and appointed by the President. The Committee is composed of five members who serve two-year staggered terms. Four members of the committee are selected to create a good representation of diverse segments of ASMS members. The fifth member and chair of the Committee is selected by a progression through past presidents. The Committee meets at the ASMS annual Conference to nominate eligible members, normally two, for each of the Board offices to be filled in alternate years.

Term: Two years, July 1 of year one to June 30 of year two


  1. Meet prior to or at the annual conference to assemble a slate of candidates for the annual Board of Directors election. Slate for even years is VP Programs, Treasurer, Member at Large for Education, Member at Large for Digital Communications. Slate for odd years is VP Arrangements, Secretary, Member at Large for Publications; 
  2. Verify the eligibility of candidates and secure their willingness to stand for election; 
  3. Present the slate to the ASMS Board by June 30.

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