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Membership, Diversity & Inclusion

The mission of the committee is to promote and reinforce diversity within the membership of the ASMS by fostering a culture of inclusion and mutual support. This mission is supported by attention to equity and initiatives to enhance and support a broadly representative membership.  

The committee is charged with the design of activities and projects that promote an inclusive climate and increase participation of ASMS members who represents diverse cultural, gender, social, and scientific backgrounds. 

The Membership, Diversity & Inclusion Committee is composed of five members; four of the members are appointed by the ASMS President, with the approval of the ASMS Board and serve two-year staggered terms, commencing July 1 of the year selected and concluding June 30 of the second year. The ASMS MAL for Membership serves as the fifth member and chair of the committee.

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How does the D&I Committee fulfill its Mission?

Review submitted nominations and select of Faces of Mass Spectrometry subjects. Learn how you can nominate yourself or someone else to be featured as a Face of Mass Spectrometry.

Provide an additional annual conference program review for oral session selections. During the Membership, Diversity & Inclusion Committee review of orals, sessions are flagged (to the degree possible) that are lacking in balance (gender, race, geography, career stage). The VP Programs then works with oral session chairs to see if adjustments can be made to increase diversity and balance in the flagged sessions.

Workshop at the annual conference. Since 2018 the Membership, Diversity & Inclusion Committee has organized an evening workshop. Topic varies each year. Go to the Member Center > Resources from ASMS D&I Committee to find slides and videos presented at the 2021 workshop in Philadelphia.

Creation of the 'Face of ASMS' poster. Starting at the 2021 annual conference in Philadelphia a poster/infographic was created using member/attendee demographic data (anonymized). Look for a new sign each year at future annual conferences! Check out the 'Face of ASMS' and other related posters created by the History Committee on the About ASMS > Society Demographics page.