Mobile App - Online Planner

You will be prompted to login with your credentials (the same credentials used to access this website.) 

To verify that you are registered for the Reboot:

  • Login to this website, then click 'My Account'.
  • You will see "Reboot 2020" with green checkmark under your Registrations OR you can see if you have a payment receipt for the Reboot 2020.

If you find that you still need to register, go here for details.

Online Planner and Mobile App Are Ready 

These tools sync with each other when you are logged in (required for access.) Calendar items, bookmarks, notes, requests for info will follow you between these platforms.

ONLINE PLANNER  |  Perfect for desktop participation. We encourage you to bookmark the page once you are signed in. ALERT: Some (not all) users experience difficulty at login for Online Planner. In some cases users see an eventpilot login pop-up (see image below, click to make full size). If this happens to you, 'cancel' this eventpilot pop-up to get to the ASMS credential sign-in window.
Extra Sign In window to dismiss

MOBILE APP |  Use the URL or QR code in image below to download and install the mobile app on you iOS or Android device. App is currently in iOS app store. Google Play has been slower to populate. The Android QR and URL below are working.