About ASMS


The History Committee is selected by the ASMS Board of Directors and appointed by the President. The ASMS Archivist/Historian chairs the committee.

Committee Member Term: 2 years, July 1 of year one to June 30 of year two


To preserve the history of mass spectrometry and ASMS for the enjoyment and enrichment of the community


  1. Collate and preserve all documents, memorabilia (including photographs), and other physical collateral deemed to be of historical interest.
  2. Suggest initiatives that reflect fresh perspectives and new ideas while providing continuity for on-going projects.
  3. Work with VP for Programs to organize history-related programming at the annual conference. 
  4. Meet in person at the annual conference and via teleconference and electronic correspondence at other times throughout the year as required.
  5. Make an annual report of activities to the Board of Directors and report them to the general membership whenever appropriate 

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