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ASMS Fall Workshop on Metabolomics Informatics

01/18/2019 19:31:29


02-2019_Workshop on Metabolomics Informatics

The ASMS Fall Workshop on Metabolomics Informatics, organized by Erin Baker (North Carolina State University) and Gary Patti (Washington University at St. Louis), was held on November 29 - 30, 2018 in San Francisco, CA. Approximately 109 attendees listened to presentations by leading experts in the field of metabolomics on the state of data processing.  Metabolomics is in high demand among technological specialists as well as biologists and clinicians who see the power of its application. However, although many researchers now have access to metabolomic data, the challenge of interpreting the results has created major obstacles that can prevent the full potential of metabolomics from being realized. The goal of the Workshop was to make attendees aware of the state-of-the-art informatic resources, and also to educate investigators on proper methods for reliably interpreting datasets. Eleven different scientists gave a total of 16 presentations on topics ranging from peak detection to database searching and compound identification to pathway mapping.  Ample time for discussion after each presentation allowed the audience to engage with the presenters.  The Workshop was a terrific venue for novices and experts in the field of metabolomics to learn the current best practices and potential future new developments to maximize the value of metabolomic data. (A full report of the Workshop will appear in a future JASMS issue).

Contributed by Joe Loo (UCLA)