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ASMS Archivist

02/09/2017 00:53:03
Jane Gale, Principal at Gale- Bentz Consulting, has been named Historian and Archivist of the ASMS, and chair of the newly formed History Committee. Due to the dedicated efforts of former archivist Michael Grayson, who retired in mid-2016, ASMS has committed to preserving the rich history of the field of mass spectrometry and the Society for the enjoyment and enrichment of the community. The duties of the Archivist include the creation of new “history posters” as authorized by the ASMS Board, to conduct “oral histories” of notable mass spectrometrists as directed by the ASMS Board, in conjunction with the Chemical Heritage Foundation (CHF), of which ASMS is an affiliate, and to serve as the ASMS representative to the CHF.

Jane states: “During my tenure in this position, I look forward to expanding the topics we address in history posters and presentations to include not only instrumentation but also enabling technologies and the sociology of science. I would also like to enhance our ability to conduct probing oral interviews, to strengthen collaboration with organizations of similar interests to ensure appropriate representation of mass spectrometry in external programs, and to link with communities of practice in preservation-focused organizations to develop our awareness of new and evolving strategies for archiving. I will of course continue many of the activities begun by my predecessor Mike Grayson. It is of paramount importance to me that my endeavors as Historian and Archivist reflect the interests and concerns of all Society members: I welcome your thoughts on enriching and augmenting the agenda”.

Jane has previously served in various capacities for the American Society for Mass Spectrometry, as Chair of the Nominating Committee (1988), as Treasurer (1990-1992 and 1995-1996), as Coordinator of the ‘Integrity and defensibility of trace analysis data’ Interest group (1996-2002) and as Instructor of the Quantitative Mass Spectrometry short course (1996-2003). She received a B.A. in English Literature from Randolph-Macon Woman’s College, Lynchburg, Virginia, and a Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from Brandeis University, Waltham, Massachusetts, then carried out post-doctoral research with Professor John B. Fenn at Yale University, and with Professor Donald F. Hunt at the University of Virginia. Prior to her current position, Jane was director of Educational Services at Waters Corporation (2013- 2015), Chief Operating Officer of Virgin Instruments Company (2009-2011), Associate Director of Global Development Informatics at Bristol-Myers Squibb (2004-2008), and Mass Spectrometry Subject Matter Expert at Bristol-Myers Squibb (1990-2004) and RCA Laboratories (1980-1990).