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How-To --Online Planner and Mobile App

06/04/2014 17:34:47

Online Planner

Go to Online Planner
Use this as a desktop option to review, schedule and star (you must login). Then install mobile app, login and voila! Your schedule and starred items are synced from the online planner.

Do not want to go paperless? Or you do not wish to install the mobile app? Do everything on the online planner and then download your schedule to your Outlook or Google calendar. You also have the option to download an interactive PDF of your schedule.  Look for these options below 'My Filters' on left hand side (you must be logged in to view).
Go to Online Planner 

Mobile App for iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire

Go to Mobile App Install 
Login feature allows you to synchronize scheduled and starred items across multiple devices and with the online planner. Use your credentials to login to the mobile app and online planner.

Session commenting allows you to start a discussion before, during or after on a session or a specific presentation (oral or poster).

Attendee messaging allows you to view list of other logged in attendees.  You can then send them a message (for example, "hey, meet me at poster 369 at noon"). You have the ability to turn off your visibility in your profile, see Login settings.

Build your personal daily schedule
Plan your day by selecting sessions from the visual schedule, categories, or via search and hit he schedule icon in the session detail view. Add custom personal events for meetings with exhibitors.

Engage and network
Contact attendees (attendee messaging), find exhibitors, share via Twitter, or exchange a digital business card.

Find what you are looking for
Use the search, filters, and maps to find sessions and exhibitors.

Personalize the event program
Manage content in the app via keyword filters or bookmark any item with a star to, for example, see a list of all the exhibitors you want to visit or liked.

Take notes
Make the most of your app and take notes directly to sessions, speakers, and exhibitors.
At the end of the conference, export all notes and starred items via email. 

Backup notes in the cloud and synchronize across your devices
Log in to benefit from additional features that allow you to use multiple different devices and sync your notes, schedule, and starred items across devices. Participate in session conversations and add comments or, if attendee­ to­ attendee messaging is available, network with your peers.

The app is your Swiss Army Knife for the event
Find out what all the buttons mean and all the cool features available in EventPilot. Use the More tab to find the App Help link. 

Conference app tips
  • Explore everything the app has to offer ­ simply try out all the buttons to see what they do.
  • Use filters to only see items that are pertinent to you. Be sure to turn the filter back off in order to view the full conference schedule.
  • Check the visual schedule for empty timeblocks to maximize your time at your event.
  • Take notes on any item and export all notes in an email after the event.
Go to Mobile App Install