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Videos from Emerging Talent: Government

These speakers were selected in a competitive application process. Each speaker is applying for faculty positions this cycle or next. They presented 'live' during ASMS webinars hosted May 25 - 27, 2021. We would like to express thanks to these speakers, program organizers & reviewers, and the community members that attended.

ASMS_Emerging Talent400x_v22

Talks from Tuesday, May 25

Naz, Shama2

Shama Naz  [watch video]
University of Ottawa

Walton, Courtney

Courtney Walton  [watch video]
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Talks from Wednesday, May 26

Horvath, Kat

Kathleen Horvath  [watch video]
Duke University

Jung Lee2

Jung Lee  [watch video]
Georgia Institute of Technology

McDaniel, TrevorTrevor McDaniel  [watch video]
Illinois State University

Talks from Thursday, May 27

Appley, Meghan

Meghan Appley  [watch video]
University at Albany - SUNY

Butler_KarenKaren Butler  [watch video]
North Carolina State University