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Special Meeting Nov 13

Special Meeting with Program Organizers of the Emerging Talent: Academia

Friday, November 13, 12:00 - 2:00 pm EST

Open to all students, postdocs, researchers (or anyone) contemplating a future faculty position. This is your chance to learn from folks who have taken this step, made this transition. 

How Will This Special Meeting Work?

  • If you signed up, you were sent a special Zoom meeting link on Thursday evening from the ASMS office (approx 7:40 pm Mountain-USA). We will do another send Friday morning to any folks that sign up overnight. If you do not find email with Zoom link from, please contact
  • Attendees must have the latest version of Zoom on their device to participate. Learn how to insure you have the latest version of Zoom.
  • On Friday 12:00 pm EST attendees will join the meeting set-up with self-select breakout rooms. Each program organizer will have their own breakout room. As a meeting attendee you can join or leave breakout rooms at will. 

Learn About the Program Organizers Hosting Breakout Rooms and Their Discussion Topics

Erin Baker, North Carolina State University

Associate Professor, 2.5 years at NCSU

Discussion Topic: The Difficulties in Saying No and How to Form Good Relationships and Collaborations When Starting Your New Position

Michael Marty, University of Arizona

Assistant Professor, started 2016, learn more about Michael

Discussion Topics: Applying for early career funding (NIH MIRA R35 and NSF CAREER), work-life balance, the interview process, the tenure process, and more

Jay Forsythe, College of Charleston

Assistant Professor, started 2016, learn more about Jay

Discussion Topics: PUIs, teaching, mentoring students in the lab, and more

James Prell, University of Oregon

Associate Professor, started 2014, learn more about James

Discussion Topics: the interview process, starting a new lab, mentoring graduate students, applying for grants, managing work-life balance, tenure process.

Elyssia S. Gallagher, Baylor University

Assistant Professor, started 2015, learn more about Elyssia

Discussion Topics: Networking and ways to prepare for an academic career while you’re still in grad school, Starting a new lab, Recruiting & mentoring students, Taking your research in a new direction, Work-life balance

Stefani Thomas, University of Minnesota

Assistant Professor, started 2019, learn more about Stefani

NOTE: Stefani Thomas' breakout room will be live 1-2 pm EST only

Discussion Topics: Common interview questions, Finding a good fit, Negotiating, Surviving and thriving during Year 1, Other topics

Kelly Hines, University of Georgia

Assistant Professor, started 2019, learn more about Kelly

Discussion Topics: interviews, negotiations, getting a lab started, mentoring, etc. (Anything except work-life balance or time management)

Si Wu, University of Oklahoma

Associate Professor, started 2015, learn more about Si

Discussion Topics: Suggestions for woman scientists

Stacy A. Malaker, Yale University

Assistant Professor, starting 2021, learn more about Stacy

Discussion Topics: Application and Interview process (after 15 interviews last year she is ready to answer your questions and provide suggestions!)

Devin K. Schweppe, University of Washington

Assistant Professor, started 2020, learn more about Devin

Devin is unable to join the special meeting on Nov 13, he invites you to reach out by email if you would like to discuss any of these items: questions on the application process (apps, interviews, negotiations), starting up a new lab, work-life balance, etc. You can connect with Devin via email (listed on his lab site here: