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Emerging Talent: Academia

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A tremendous thank you to all webinar attendees, presenters and organizers.

Videos of each talk are posted here.

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TUES, November 10

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Will Fondrie
University of Washington
Deep Learning to Enable Proteomics at Scale

Camille Lombard-Banek
National Institute of Standards & Technology
Development of Mass Spectrometry-based Proteomic Approaches to Advance Biology and Medicine

Nicholas Riley
Stanford University
Systems-Level Glycobiology via Mass Spectrometry and Allied Approaches

Brian Searle
Institute for Systems Biology
Robust Proteomic Strategies to Detect Viral Infection in Tumors

WED, November 11

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Tarick El-Baba
University of Oxford
Towards Proteome-wide Physical Chemistry Using Mass Spectrometry

Varun Gadkari
University of Michigan
Dual Polarity Native Ion Mobility-Mass Spectrometry for Gas-phase Structural Biology

Corinne Lutomski
University of Oxford
Native Mass Spectrometry for Elucidating Viral Mechanisms

Dalton Snyder
The Ohio State University
Native Mass Spectrometry Guided Structural Biology: Surface Collisions, Ion Mobility, and HDX

THURS, November 12

Videos will be available in a few hours 


Nathan Basisty
The Buck Institute
Proteomic Solutions to Aging Problems: Quantifying, & Targeting In Vivo Cellular Senescence in Humans

A. Colleen Crouch
UT MD Anderson Cancer Center
Imaging: MyJourney from MRI to MSI

Anja Karlstaedt
McGovern Medical School at UT Health Science Center Houston
Metabolic Interactions between Cancer and the Heart

Peder Lund
University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine
Influence of the Gut Microbiota on Histone Acetylation through Metabolism

Learn More

Review The Basics of how this program will work.

Applicant Eligibility

  • Must be current (2020) ASMS member.
  • Must be postdoc or researcher applying for faculty positions this cycle or next cycle at North American institutions.
  • Speakers will be selected for one program only. For example, if you are selected as a presenter in the Academia program you are ineligible to apply for Government or Industry programs.

Application & Selection Process

The following application and judging elements are for the Emerging Talent: Academia program. Requirements will adjust slightly for the Government and Industry programs.

Applicant will provide (for the Academia program):

  • CV (inclusive of publication record)
  • Letter of recommendation from mentor that discusses applicant's suitability to apply for faculty positions. At least one letter to be submitted. Optional second letter will be considered.
  • 3-5 minute video research elevator pitch (mp4) OR 1-page statement on applicant's research goals and vision for a faculty position

Applications (for the academia program) will be judged based on these criteria: evidence of research and/or teaching accomplishment; letter(s) of recommendation; and mentoring of students.