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A new series of five-day online programs will feature the Emerging Talent within the ASMS community. Featured presenters will be postdocs, researchers, and graduate students entering or on the job market. 

ASMS Emerging Talent: Three programs

Emerging Talent: Academia | for postdocs and researchers applying for faculty positions this cycle or next cycle. Program dates were November 9 - 12, 2020. View webinar videos of our 2020 presenters!

Emerging Talent: Government Next up! | for postdocs and graduate students applying for positions in governmental agencies or labs. Timeline is now online here. We are currently seeking program organizer applicants now and presenter application process will open next week. Learn more.

Emerging Talent: Industry | for postdocs or graduate students applying for positions in industry. Target time-frame August 2021.

Special Emerging Talent Committee

  • Christopher Ashwood (University of Nebraska Medical Center)
  • Jenny Brodbelt (University of Texas, Austin)
  • Leslie Hicks (UNC Chapel Hill)
  • Christina Jones (NIST)
  • Joseph Loo (JASMS Editor-in-Chief)
  • Lance Nicolaysen (Waters Corporation)

Thanks to these committee members who accepted the challenge of shepherding and launching this new program! We are excited to showcase the 'talent' within ASMS -from all applicants to the organizers selected to lead each program. 



The Basics | How these programs work

16 presenters will be selected from applicants for each program. Live webinars (two-hours each, featuring four 20-minute presentations followed by Q&A) over four days (Mon-Thurs.) Recordings of all talks will be hosted at making them available to prospective employers.

Registration to join the live webinars is free ($0 cost.)

All applicants for a specific program have the option to submit a 3-5 minute video as part of their application. These videos (3-5 minute research elevator pitch) will also be hosted at following the program as a tool that can be used as resource for prospective employers.

The final day of each program week will feature an informal roundtable with program organizers and all applicants to the program. This informal meeting will feature discussion on topics such as salary negotiation and interview skills and tips.

Organizers for each program will be appointed by the ad-hoc Emerging Talent committee. The goal is to tap organizers that have recently made the transition to academia, government, or industry. For example, the organizers will include recently recruited Assistant Professors for the Academia program or recent hires at companies for the Industry program. There will be 5-10 organizers per program. Organizers will have responsibility for selection of 16 featured presenters, will chair the four webinar sessions featuring the selected presenters, and will host/lead discussion in the final day webinar accessible to all program applicants.

Application & Selection Process

The following application and judging elements are for the Emerging Talent: Academia program. Requirements will adjust slightly for the Government and Industry programs.

Applicant will provide (for the Academia program):

  • CV (inclusive of publication record)
  • Letter of recommendation from mentor that discusses applicant's suitability to apply for faculty positions. At least one letter to be submitted. Optional second letter will be considered.
  • 3-5 minute video research elevator pitch (mp4) OR 1-page statement on applicant's research goals and vision for a faculty position

Applications (for the academia program) will be judged based on these criteria: evidence of research and/or teaching accomplishment; letter(s) of recommendation; and mentoring of students.

For the academia program, application process will open Monday, Sept 21. Deadline to apply is Oct 9.


For all programs applicant must be current ASMS member.

Academia program applicant must be postdoc or researcher applying for faculty positions this cycle or next cycle at North American institutions.

Speakers will be selected for one program only. For example, if you are selected as a presenter in the Academia program you are ineligible to apply for Government or Industry programs.

Tentative Timeline for 'Emerging Talent: Academia'

October 9: Application Deadline

October 26: Selection of 16 presenters announced

November 9 - 12: Online webinars via Zoom (2-hours each day), $0 registration fee, open to all.

November 13: Informal Zoom discussion for all applicants with program organizers.