Abstract Submission

There will be an informal poster session.  This is an opportunity for attendees to share projects their projects related to the workshop topic.  Commercial content (product demonstration, advertisement) is not allowed.

The Education Committee and the workshop organizers reserve the right to reject any poster which is judged to be inappropriate or which promotes a commercial or personal interest perspective.

Invited speaker are not required to submit an abstract.

Abstracts will not be published.

Submission deadline is October 18, 2019.

Go to Fall Workshop Abstract Submission | Select 'Fall Workshop 2019' from the list of conferences to make your submission.

About Posters at the 2019 Fall Workshop. The poster boards are 3 feet x 4 feet and can be positioned portrait or landscape on an easel.  Push pins will be provided. A portrait-style poster works best!

Display space will only be available for posters with accepted, submitted abstracts. If you are interested, please submit by the October 18 deadline. Notifications will be sent within one week of the submission deadline.