For Poster Presenters

Locate your assigned session 

  • Go to Poster Listings by Session page and 'Expand all' then find (ctrl+f) your poster code, poster title or name. 
  • Download the Guide (pdf) for your session. The guide for your session has the Zoom meeting link and other information that will be helpful to you. Links to the guide for each session are on the main page here and also on the poster listings by session page.

Required Technical specs for Zoom (applies to presenters and attendees)

  • Presenters and attendees will need to have the latest version of Zoom installed on laptop so that you can use SELF-SELECT Breakout Rooms feature. This is a relatively new feature of Zoom. If you are unsure, please uninstall Zoom app and then reinstall. This will insure you have latest version.
  • Paid Zoom account is not needed (free account is fine), but you will need the latest version of Zoom in order to have the self-select breakout room capability.
  • Each session 'Guide' includes specific meeting link.

Join the Meeting for Your Session approx 5 minutes before the start time. A waiting room will be in place and we will try to start letting those in the wait room into the meeting at 5 min early with assumption that the early people are primarily presenters. Then at official start time we will remove the waiting room.

  • Upon entering the meeting you will be in the 'main room'. 
  • Locate the 'breakout rooms' icon in your Zoom app and immediately locate the breakout room for your Poster Code. Select to join your breakout room. See guide for screenshot of 'breakout rooms' icon.
    • The breakout room list will be long (30-60 rooms) and may require scrolling. Your poster code should already be known to you, but if not consult the guide for your session. Poster Code leads with FP and is followed by several numbers (e.g. FP 003 or FP 227.5).
  • In your breakout room, share your screen or file you wish to share. You may choose to have several PPT slides with highlights from your poster, a PDF of your poster, or some other document representative of your poster work.
  • Be sure to share your audio and video as well so that you can interact with attendees that enter your breakout room.
  • Attendees may enter/exit your room anytime during your 90 minute session. Your room may be empty for some of the time (or a lot of the time, it's hard to guess). Feel free to multi-task, but be ready to spring to action if/when an attendee comes in. It is possible that new attendees will come in while you are engaged with someone else in your room. Try to manage this by pausing and welcoming new folks into your room. Our hope is to encourage organic discussion and interactions around your poster. It's a good idea to have your 'poster pitch' speech ready, just like you would for in-person poster session. You may find that just asking attendee(s) that enter a leading question about a method or result in your poster can get things rolling.