All Posters: Required Uploads

All Posters Have Responsibility to Upload Files

Posters are an important part of the ASMS conference. There are two required uploads on separate platforms. The same file may be used for both uploads, if desired.

  1. Upload for Mobile App & Online Planner by Poster PRESENTER. Deadline is extended to June 5 (before conference starts).
  2. Upload for Conference Proceedings by SUBMITTING Author. Deadline extended to June 27.

Poster Presenter Upload for
Mobile App - Online Planner
Deadline: June 5

Posters PRESENTERS are required to upload PDF of their poster or a long/extended abstract via a special 'speaker portal' connected to the mobile app - online planner. 10mb size limit.

Short poster presentation video, 2-3 minutes in length, is optional but strongly encouraged. MP4 format only. 40mb size limit.

How and where do I upload these required poster materials?

All poster presenters will receive an email 'Invitation to Add Content to ASMS 2022' from on May 19 and again on May 31. This special email contains a link for poster presenters to upload materials. The portal button link will only function if the presenter is registered for the conference

SAVE the email you receive from as you may wish to replace your file after initial upload. View sample 'Invitation to Add Content...' email message.

What is the upload deadline for mobile app-online planner?

Upload deadline is June 2. A reminder will be sent on May 31 from to poster presenters that are still missing PDF upload.

What if I need to replace my uploaded files?

Use the same link provided in your email from to remove and replace your file, if needed.

What if I never receive the email from or I cannot find it?

You may contact to request re-send of your email. 

How do I record my poster's short video?

There are a few options but the most ubiquitous is probably Zoom. Start a meeting and record! PowerPoint also has the option to record a voice narration on top of slides. Whichever method you use, MP4 format is required and file size limit is 50mb. Videos should not exceed 3 minutes in length.

How do I format my Poster PDF?

There is no specified sizing for your poster PDF upload. We encourage you to consider that most attendees will be viewing your poster PDF on a laptop screen. Multiple pages are fine, but we encourage a single page format if feasible for you. File size limit is 10mb.

Submitting Author Upload for Conference Proceedings
Deadline: June 27

The official ASMS Conference Proceedings is a valuable record of the oral and poster presentations at the meeting. 

The upload for conference proceedings must be made by the person that submitted the poster abstract (aka the submitting author). In many cases the submitting author is the same person as the presenter, but this is not necessarily the case.  

Failure to upload for the conference proceedings may prohibit your ability to submit an abstract for ASMS 2023.

Can I use the same file for conference proceedings that I use for mobile app-online planner?

Yes, this is what occurs most of the time. Just like the mobile app-online planner a PDF of actual poster may be uploaded OR an extended abstract may be used. We encourage you to arrange for both uploads to be completed before the conference.

What is the upload deadline for conference proceedings.

Deadline is June 16. We provide a buffer of one week post-conference in case there are final adjustments to the poster or extended abstract you wish to incorporate into your proceedings upload file. However, we encourage that both uploads be performed before the conference, if possible.

How to Upload Your Proceedings File

For submitting authors only (the person who submitted the poster abstract in Jan-Feb 2022):
Follow these simple steps to upload your PDF for the conference proceedings. 

  1. Go to Abstract site (you will be prompted to login to ASMS, if you are not already signed in). If the hyperlink does not function, please go to in a new tab on your browser.

  2. Select the click 'View my Drafts and Submissions' for the ASMS 2022 Minneapolis conference.

  3. Click the blue upload icon for each submitted/accepted abstract and proceed to upload your PDF.
  4. If you are submitting author for more than one abstract, select the 'Home' tab after your first upload and repeat steps 2-3.

Need additional help? View this how-to document with screenshots of the process.

If you cannot figure this out or you are the presenting author, PLEASE just email your file to Your file MUST be labeled with your poster or oral presentation code. For example, MP 999_My poster title.pdf.

Can you edit your proceedings submission (replace your PDF)? Yes, as long as this is done by June 16. To replace your already uploaded PDF. Return to abstract site and click your abstract title. A window will appear allowing you to delete a submission and update.