Poster Chat Kiosks

Want to share your poster on days that you are not presenting? Use our new Poster Chat Kiosks!

What is a Poster Chat Kiosk? This is a large monitor unit  that will have access to the Conference Proceedings website. IF you upload the Proceedings file for your poster, you will have access to locate and share your poster file.

What Poster presenters should do NOW.

  1. Upload your conference proceedings file for your poster now. Proceedings files may only be uploaded by the submitting author of the abstract. Go to Proceedings Submission instructions.

  2. Look for the Poster Chat kiosks near poster 001 in the Poster-Exhibit hall. Use the kiosk to open the 2023 Conference Proceedings. Locate your poster entry and toggle to Proceedings view to share the file you uploaded in step 1 above. There is a full screen adjustment once you locate your file.

When to use a Poster Chat Kiosk? For example, you present your poster on Monday, but meet with some colleagues on Tuesday that missed your presentation. If you have uploaded your poster's proceedings file, you can use one of the Poster Chat Kiosks to share your poster file.

Poster Chat Kiosks