Final Program - Online Planner & App

There is a one-hour delay from moment of registration to access the online planner and mobile app.

There will not be a printed final program (detailed program).

A program overview (guide) was distributed onsite in Philadelphia. Download a copy of the ASMS 2021 Program Overview.

Online Planner

For Registered Attendees Only

ONLINE PLANNER is now available. This is your source for the detailed final program! The planner is intended for desktop/laptop use.

Access to the Online Planner is limited to registered conference attendees ONLY. If you are not registered, please register before you attempt to launch the planner. There is a 1-hour delay from time of conference registration to access the planner.

You will be prompted to enter your credentials when you launch the Online Planner.


Planner Image

Mobile App

For Registered Attendees Only

MOBILE APP is now available. The mobile app launch page contains QR codes and URL for direct download-install of the iOS and Android apps. The ASMS 2021 app will populate in App Store and Google Play over the next 24 hours. The mobile app launch page allows for download-install now!

Pro-Tips for App Users

  • Allow notifications from app (you will be asked during install)
  • LOOK for frequent data updates (we are doing these at least 1x per day), see below for sample of what Data Update message looks like. These are not automatic you need to tap to accept / install update (takes < 10 sec.)

AppLaunchPage 2021

Data Update Messages Look Like This

We push data updates at least 1x per day with program changes. PLEASE look for this at top of your app homescreen. You will tap to install. It takes less than 10 seconds per daily update. Stay informed!

Data Update Example