In-Person vs Remote: How To

Below is an outline of each conference program aspect and how it will be accessible to in-person and remote attendees.

Note that registration fees for the conference are the same for in-person and remote attendees. Learn more.

CORPORATE MEMBER ACTIVITIES. Exhibits will be co-located with in-person posters. This year only we are expanding booth sizes as hospitality suites will be on hold for 2021 only. In addition Corporate Members will host breakfast and dinner seminars during the conference week. Profiles for each Corporate Member will be included in the mobile app & planner.

ORALS. The conference program will feature 384 talks from submitted abstracts. All talks will be presented in-person. We will live stream the oral sessions for remote attendees who wish to watch in real-time and submit questions. Recordings of the oral sessions will be posted in the mobile app & planner shortly after live sessions conclude for on-demand access.

POSTERS. We anticipate featuring 2,300+ posters in the technical program. There will be a combination of in-person and remote posters.

In-person Posters will be accepted into posters sessions on Monday-Thursday of the conference week. In-person posters are required to upload a PDF of poster (or long abstract) in advance of the conference. As with all other conference content, only people registered will be allowed to view the posters. An optional ‘poster pitch’ video may also be uploaded and is highly recommended.

Remote Posters will be accepted into a poster session that displays as on-demand content in the mobile app & planner (note that acceptance notice for remote posters lists 'Nov 5' this is a placeholder only!). Remote posters are required to upload a PDF of poster in advance of the conference for the mobile app and planner. As with all other conference content, only people registered will be allowed to view the posters. An optional ‘poster pitch’ video may also be uploaded and is highly recommended.

Interactive Poster Session(s) for Remote Posters will also be organized into a series of interactive online poster sessions following the conference week. All remote posters will be invited to participate, and access will be free to all conference attendees. We will determine the format and dates for the interactive poster session(s) in August-September once we know the quantity of remote posters to be accommodated for this post-conference activity. We will use a platform other than the mobile app & planner to host any interactive poster sessions. As noted above, we will require that remote posters provide content pre-conference for the mobile app & planner so all technical posters (in-person and remote) appear in the mobile app & planner.

Optional Poster Pitch Videos for in-person and remote posters are strongly encouraged. A poster pitch video can really ‘sell your science’ and encourage attendees to visit your in-person poster during the conference week or to visit you in the interactive poster session(s) for remote posters post-conference. A 3-minute teaser video can be recorded as you wish (.mp4 format) and uploaded or you can use a new feature in our special speaker portal that will record for you (using PPT slides.)

EVENING WORKSHOPS. A variety of in-person workshops organized by ASMS Interest Groups as well as independent workshops will be live-streamed Monday-Thursday evenings of the conference week. Remote and in-person attendees may watch in real-time and submit questions. Workshop recordings will not be available, as we wish to preserve the informal nature of presentations, sharing of unpublished work and ideas.

SHORT COURSES. Courses will be offered either in-person on Saturday and Sunday pre-conference (Oct 30-31) or as online courses post-conference (Nov 13-14). Note that short course registration fees are separate from conference registration. 

FALL WORKSHOP on MALDI Imaging Mass Spec is in conjunction with the annual conference and will run in parallel with pre-conference short courses on October 30-31. See Fall Workshop in Philly for details. This event is for in-person attendees only.

About the Mobile App & Planner. These familiar tools will be deployed for the conference. The following will be available:

  • Recordings of the complete oral sessions including QA between talks and all plenaries, tutorials, award lectures, & ASMS meeting. These will be recordings of the live streams.
  • Poster PDF (or long abstract PDF) and optional poster pitch videos provided by presenters.
  • Short abstracts (submitted abstracts) for each accepted poster and oral.
  • Workshop descriptions. No recordings.
  • Ability to contact presenter for each oral and poster using a new ‘Contact Presenter’ button located within each presentation listing.
  • Discussion/Chat feature for all attendees to submit questions during oral session or workshop live streams. For in-person attendees, stepping up to a microphone in the session room will remain an option.
  • Corporate Member profile listings.

The mobile app & planner will remain available through January 15, 2022 for all registered attendees.