In-Person Attendees - What to Expect

For In-Person Attendees

We look forward to greeting you in Philadelphia! ASMS has developed a protocol to address concerns over the spread of covid-19 and variants. These measures REQUIRE all in-person conference participants:

  • to be fully vaccinated - sorry, no exceptions,
  • to be tested for Covid-19 within 72 hours of arriving at the conference, and
  • to pass through an infrared body temperature scanner inside the convention center. 

The Pennsylvania Convention Center has implemented:

  • rigorous cleaning and sanitation practices, 
  • air quality improvement by increasing fresh air ventilation, and
  • advanced air purification technology. 

All of these precautions should keep you safe inside the convention center; however, we must also rely on each other: 

  • to be truthful,
  • to respect social distancing and hand washing, and
  • to wear face mask or covering inside the Convention Center. 

Here is what to expect as we prepare for the in-person conference.

Wednesday, October 13

Expect to receive an email with a link to the ASMS online covid safety page. You will enter a brief profile of name, email, country of residence, mobile phone number, hotel, and upload proof of vaccination.

Wednesday, October 27 or later

Have a covid-19 test (antigen or PCR) within 72 hours of your expected arrival at the conference and return to your ASMS covid safety page to upload negative result. All emails you receive for covid safety will contain a link that send you directly to your personal safety page. 

Saturday, October 30

Good morning registrants for short courses & Fall Workshop on Imaging or early arrivals for the conference. Follow link to your ASMS covid safety page and complete the daily health survey. Look for QR code to download "Clearance Pass" to your cell phone and head to the Convention Center.

Saturday (Oct 30) through Thursday (Nov 4)

  1. Follow link to your ASMS Covid safety page and complete the daily health survey.
  2. Display "clearance pass" on your cell phone and show to attendant at entrance to convention center.
  3. Take a wrist band - different color for each day. 
  4. Proceed through Infrared temperature scanner. Temperatures will be measured at rate of every 5 seconds.
  5. Proceed to registration kiosks to print conference/short course badges. 
  6. If you leave convention center and return, just waive your wrist band to re-enter.

All days

First time that you arrive at convention center each day, repeat steps 1-4 above to receive a new wrist band.
If you leave convention center and return, just waive your wrist band for the attendant to see.

Wellness Room  |  All days, Saturday through Thursday

On-site Covid tests may be administered @ $50 (charged to participant) for those who have symptoms or who arrive without test result. 

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