Content for All: In-Person and Remote

All conference registrants have access to conference content via the mobile app and online planner. Recordings of oral sessions accessible through September 30.

Content Available to All Attendees In-Person or Remote via App or Planner

  • Oral Sessions: Broadcasts and Recordings. All oral sessions (including the ASMS meeting) will have a 'Join Webinar' button will appear just before the session start time (in Central Time Zone). At the conclusion of the session (approx 30-60 minutes after session ends) a 'Watch Recording' button will appear.
    NOTE: To 'Join Webinar' the Zoom application on your device will launch. If you do not have a Zoom account on your device you can still join via internet, but you will be asked to enter your name and email in order to connect. Access to recordings does not involve Zoom.
  • Abstracts of all posters and orals are accessible. These are the submitted 'short' abstracts.
  • Posters will also have a long abstract or the actual poster. Optional poster videos are also accessible.
  • Workshops. The majority of workshops are in-person only with no broadcast or recording. A limited number opted to have broadcast and/or recording available. These are noted/identified in the workshop descriptions. The workshops are informal and panelists and attendees are encouraged to share candidly. For this reason most workshops opted to NOT have broadcasts or recordings available.
  • Ability to contact presenter for each oral and poster using a new ‘Contact Presenter’ button located within each presentation listing.

The mobile app & planner will remain available through September 30, 2022 for all registered attendees.