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Nov 22, 2016

Graduate Student Travel Awards for the ASMS Annual Conference

The ASMS Graduate Student Award recognizes graduate students whose academic achievements and current mass spectrometry research display a high level of excellence and distinction. Ten awards will be conferred annually. The Award is intended to support travel to the ASMS annual conference. Conference attendance is required. Only one applicant per research group may apply. Note: In selected cases, awards may be used for travel to attend a non-ASMS conference to present mass spectrometry research in a topic area not covered at the ASMS conference.

An individual may receive no more than one ASMS travel award per calendar year.

The awards for the ASMS Conference will be presented at the conference. Each award includes $1,000, free conference registration, and a matted certificate.

Applicants must be an ASMS student member who is:
  • in the 2nd year or more of a Ph.D. degree program at the time of the conference;
  • presenting author on an abstract submitted online for the ASMS annual conference.
The application deadline is January 15.

For further information, see ASMS Student Travel Awards.