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Nov 22, 2016

Call for ASMS 2018 Short Course Proposals

ASMS offers a series of one and two-day short courses prior to the annual conference. If you have a suggestion for future short courses, please submit a proposal to the ASMS office at least one month prior to the start of the annual conference. Although there is no set format, typical short course proposals contain the following information:

  • Brief outline describing the rationale, need and scope for the proposed short course.
  • Intended audience.
  • 1 day, or 2 day? Note that one day courses can be repeated on the Saturday and Sunday, or can be offered as an individual stand alone 1 day ‘Beginner’ course on Saturday and a 1 day ‘Advanced’ course on Sunday.
  • Detailed Course Outline.
  • Proposed instructor(s) qualifications and experience in the short course topic.
  • Other courses (within ASMS or other organizations) that offer similar or overlapping content to the proposed short course.
  • Other relevant information.

The Education committee chair is also available to answer any questions regarding proposals prior to their submission. The Education Committee will meet during the annual conference to formally evaluate the status of current short courses, evaluate new proposals, and to make recommendations regarding the courses that should be offered in the future, which are then submitted to the ASMS Board for approval.