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Oct 27, 2016

Mass Spectrometry Tutorial Videos

As a resource to the community, and to provide information for those interested in learning more about fundamental and applied aspects of mass spectrometry, ASMS is compiling a library of introductory tutorial videos. To date, six videos have been created and posted to the ASMS website. These are:

• ‘The First Fifty Years of Mass Spectrometry: Building a Foundation’, presented by Michael L. Gross (Washington University, St. Louis) as a plenary lecture during the 2013 ASMS Annual Conference in Minneapolis.

• ‘Mass Analyzers’, presented by Richard Vachet (University of Massachusetts Amherst)

• ‘Tandem Mass Spectrometry, or MS/MS’, presented by Scott A. McLuckey (Purdue University).

• ‘Imaging Mass Spectrometry: An Overview’, presented by Michelle Reyzer (Vanderbilt University)

• ‘Nested Ion Mobility-TOF Mass Spectrometry’, presented by David E. Clemmer (Indiana University)
• ‘Ionization Methods’, presented by David C. Muddiman (North Carolina State University)

If you have suggestions for future tutorial video projects, or other Educational content for the website, please contact the Member-at-Large for Education, or a member of the Education Committee Members.