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Oct 08, 2015

Speaker Program Report: Michigan Mass Spec Discussion Group and Zhibo Yang

The Michigan Mass Spectrometry Discussion Group received support from the ASMS Local Area Speaker Program to fund a visit on May 8, 2015 from Assistant Professor Zhibo Yang, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, University of Oklahoma. In his seminar entitled The Single-Probe: A Microscale Sampling and Ionization Device For Mass Spectrometry Single Cell Analysis, Tissue Imaging, and Detection of Sulfated Proteins, Professor Yang described research developing and applying mass spectrometry to spatially resolved areas of surfaces including single cells. The Single-Probe is similar to nanoDESI except that the liquid junction used for extraction is formed by a single device using concentric tubing with the inner sampling tube having an ID on the order of 10 microns.   The Single-Probe can be used to penetrate even living single cells under ambient conditions to sample the content with ionization using nanoESI.  Several examples of the utility of the Single-Probe in addition to imaging surfaces with high spatial resolution were presented.

Zhibo Yang (fifth from left) with Michigan Mass Spectrometry Discussion Group hosts Sarah Trimpin (third from right) and Mary Rodgers (second from right), and other attendees.

The objectives of the ASMS-sponsored speaker program are to (i) support vibrant seminar programs at local MS discussion groups, (ii) increase exposure of students at non-Ph.D. granting institutions to research in mass spectrometry, and (iii) promote exposure and professional development of young MS professionals at the onset of an independent research career.

Any ASMS member at the rank of Assistant Professor (at the time of invitation) is eligible to receive support, with no more than two sponsored trips per calendar year per speaker. Eligible hosts may be (i) any North American MS discussion group or (ii) any North American non-Ph.D. granting college or university, with no single host to propose more than two ASMS-sponsored events in a calendar year.

Additional information regarding the program, including the application process and eligible expenses (travel, meals, lodging and expenses up to $1500 per event, until the annual budget for the program is exhausted) may be found at