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Oct 08, 2015

Meet the JASMS Editorial Board

Editorial Board members of the Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry are invited by the ASMS Board of Directors based on several criteria, including being a frequent contributor and reviewer for the Journal. Duties of Editorial Board members include active support of the Journal’s editorial functions, i.e., reviewing manuscripts, encouraging submissions to JASMS, creative input, and participation in the annual Editorial Board meetings that are held during the ASMS Conference.

Sarah Trimpin, Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry, Wayne State University (WSU), received the Doktor der Naturwissenschaften from the Max-Planck-Institute for Polymer Research under the direction of Prof. KIaus Mϋllen. Following the Ph.D. degree, she then held a joint postdoctoral position at Oregon State/Oregon Health & Science Universities under Profs. Max Deinzer and Peter Spencer, and a research associate position at Indiana University with Prof. David Clemmer. Sarah’s research interest is in developing technologies to extend mass spectrometry to the analysis of complex solubility restricted materials.  Her work has resulted in the discovery of new ionization technologies for use in mass spectrometry capable of lifting even proteins from a small molecule matrix into the gas phase, highly charged, without external energy input.  For this work she has received an NSF CAREER award, Pittsburgh Conference Achievement Award, Eli Lilly Young Investigator Award in Analytical Chemistry, DuPont Young Professor Award, and an ASMS Research Award.  In addition to 10 review articles, 6 book chapters, and co-editing a book, she has over 60 peer-reviewed publications.  She also holds a secondary appointment at the Cardiovascular Research Institute, WSU School of Medicine, and is the CEO at MSTM, LLC.