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Oct 08, 2015

ASMS Member Recognition

Starting in 2013, a series of lapel pins have been given out at the annual conference to recognize long term members of the society, beginning with 25 year members and continuing in 5-year increments. Over 400 of our society members have been with ASMS for at least 25 years, and 58 individuals have been active members for at least 45 years. Those individuals who reached the 45-year milestone in 2015 are recognized below.

Guy P. Arsenault, William L. Budde, Ronald D. Grigsby, John R. Hobbs, Charles H. Hocart, John L. Holmes, Keith R. Jennings, Daniel R. Knapp, Arthur L. Lafleur, Kenneth E. McCulloh, John Roboz, Henrich K. Schnoes, Bruce H. Solka, W.L. Stebbings, and Michael S. Story.