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Aug 28, 2015

ASMS Interest Groups

ASMS Interest Groups are for the benefit of ASMS members who wish to share information pertaining to the activities of the Society or related to mass spectrometry. There are 28 active in-terest groups for ASMS members.  Most interest groups choose to organize an evening workshop at the annual conference.  The evening workshops have become a vital part of the conference program allowing for interactions among peers in a less formal setting.  Leadership of interest groups is driven by coordinators who are nominated or suggested by the interest group member-ship (typically during their annual evening workshop) and then formally invited by the ASMS Board.

Find the complete list of ASMS interest groups on this site at Go to an interest group page to find coordinators, updates and annual conference reports from past interest group workshops.

To indicate your interest group preferences, login to this site and select ‘My Profile’ (upper right corner, below your name.  Then select ‘Edit My Profile and Interest Group Selections’ and scroll down to check boxes of all groups of interest to you. Be sure to continue to the bottom of this page to ‘Save’ your preferences.

ASMS attendees enjoying pre-workshop beer and snacks in St. Louis, MO.