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Feb 05, 2015

Call for ASMS Small Conference and Workshop Proposals

ASMS sponsors the following annual small conferences and workshop.

  • Asilomar Conference on Mass Spectrometry
    This small conference is limited to 130 participants andtakes place annually at the Asilomar Conference Center inPacific Grove, CA.
  • Fall Workshop
    This tutorial workshop explores emerging technology forthose seeking to learn the topic or who are new to the field.Attendance is normally 70 - 125 participants depending onthe topic. The workshop locations changes 
  • Sanibel Conference
    This small conference highlights specific topics ofcurrent interest. This is a small conference limited to 150participants. It is held annually in Florida.

These three smaller and topically-focused events are governed by committees that collaborate to select topics and organizers. The committees look to ASMS members for topic and organizer suggestions for these events. Therefore, if you have a topic suggestion for a future Asilomar or Sanibel conference, or Fall Workshop, please complete the Suggest-a-Topic Form and submit at least one month prior to the start of the ASMS annual conference. The committees for each small conference or workshop meet each year during the ASMS annual conference to review and suggest refinements to proposals, which are then submitted to the ASMS Board for approval. The committee chairs are also available to answer any questions regarding proposals prior to their submission. You are encouraged to include any additional documentation with the form that may assist the committees in their evaluations. Information on past conference and workshop topics can be found on the respective small conference and workshop homepages on the ASMS website.