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Nov 25, 2014

ASMS Speaker Program Report

The Washington-Baltimore Mass Spectrometry Discussion Group received support from the ASMS Local Area Speaker Program to fund a visit on May 12, 2014 from Assistant Professor Amanda B. Hummon, the Walther Cancer Assistant Professor at the University of Notre Dame. In the seminar given during her visit, Professor Hummon described her research applying imaging mass spectrometry to three-dimensional cell cultures. The Hummon laboratory has adapted MALDI imaging protocols to examine the spatial distributions of endogenous and exogenous molecules in 3D cultures systems. In particular, they have explored the distribution of proteins and lipids in colon carcinoma spheroids. Another major focus for the Hummon lab is the application of imaging mass spectrometry and 3D cell cultures to evaluate drug penetration and metabolism. The Hummon lab treats spheroids with different drug cocktails in a microfluidic device developed by Dana Spence’s laboratory at Michigan State University. This novel 3D cell culture-based approach promises a higher-throughput drug-testing platform that is more cost-effective than similar studies with animal models.

Amanda Hummon presenting her research during the Washington-Baltimore Mass Spectrometry Discussion Group meeting.

Additional information regarding the ASMS-sponsored speaker program, whose objectives are to (i) support vibrant seminar programs at local MS discussion groups, (ii) increase exposure of students at non-PhD granting institutions to research in mass spectrometry, and (iii) promote exposure and professional development of young MS professionals at the onset of an independent research career, may be found at: