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May 27, 2013

Education and Outreach Article in July JASMS

This month, an ‘Education and Outreach’ article is being published for the first time in JASMS. This short article, entitled ‘A MASSive Laboratory Tour: An Interactive Mass Spectrometry Outreach Activity for Children’ by Julia Jungmann, Ron Heeren and co-workers at the FOM-Institute AMOLF in Amsterdam, describes a series of simple but effective teaching modules designed to introduce children from the age of 6-14 years to key concepts associated with mass spectrometry analysis: namely, the building blocks of matter, charged particle manipulation by electrostatic fields, and analyte identification by mass analysis. The article also describes a “hands-on” activity performed by the students, involving electrospray ionizationmass spectrometry analysis of saliva samples, to demonstrate the practical application of mass spectrometry to real world research topics. An extended description of the outreach activity, including complete details of the materials required for each teaching module, is available for download from the ASMS website ( as ‘Mass Spectrometry Basics for Young Students: An Interactive Laboratory Tour’.