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New ASMS Sign In

New Sign-In and Online Account Summary

Our sign-in and online account system for ASMS.org has been updated and improved for usability, security and uniformity. The updates to these systems are a combination of numerous board meetings, staff discussions and user experience tests. This new system was designed specifically for ASMS users, based off ASMS users' experiences. Even though this system has been heavily tested by our staff, we still know that issues may occur for you. If you notice any issues, please email us with a clear description (or screenshots) of what you are experiencing.

Returning Users' First Sign-in Experience and Instructions

Below is a step-by-step process of a returning ASMS.org user logging in for the first-time with the new ASMS sign-in system.

1. All pages or links that require an ASMS Login ID and password to view (other than ASMS Webcasts) will now redirect you to one single sign-in system at www.members.asms.org/login. The most used of these links is the the ASMS Login button on the Home Page of asms.org. Click on this "ASMS Login" link (Figure 1) to be sent to the sign-in page (Figure 2).

Figure 1 (click image for full screen viewing)
Figure 1

The new Sign-in system page is pictured below (Figure 2). Enter in your current Login ID and password and click "Sign in with ASMS".

Figure 2 (click image for full screen viewing)
Figure 2

3. You will be sent to the page pictured below (Figure 3). All users must type in their Login ID and click "Reset Password".

Figure 3 (click image for full screen viewing)
Figure 3

4. This is an example of the landing page you will arrive at after successfully completing Step 3 (Figure 4). You may close this tab/window or click the link "Go back to the login page". Continue to Step 5.

Figure 4 (click image for full screen viewing)
Figure 4

5. An email that looks similar to the email pictured below (depending on your email application) will arrive at your most current email address in our system.(Figure 5) Click the labeled link as pictured below to continue resetting your password.

Figure 5 (click image for full screen viewing)
Figure 5

6. You will arrive at a Password Reset screen pictured below (Figure 6). Please enter your new password. This password can be your old password.

Figure 6 (click image for full screen viewing)
Figure 6

7. After clicking "Change Password", you will get the message pictured below (Figure 7). Return to the login page by clicking the link below the message and log-in with your new password and same Login ID.

Figure 7 (click image for full screen viewing)
Figure 7

8. You will arrive at the new Online Account page pictured below (Figure 8) after successfully signing in with your new password.
Figure 8 (click image for full screen view)
Figure 8