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Asilomar Conference

The Asilomar Conference Committee consists of three appointed members one of whom is replaced each year. The replacement is submitted by the existing committee to the ASMS Board for approval. The Past-President serves as the fourth committee member, fulfilling the role of ASMS Board representative.

Term: 3 years commencing July 1 of the year selected, and concluding June 30 of 3rd year


  1. Review and suggest refinements to proposals, which are submitted by the Asilomar Committee to the ASMS Board for approval;
  2. Attend the Asilomar Conference and use alternate sources, if possible, to cover expenses; 
  3. Meet at the annual conference and prepare a report for the ASMS Board; 
  4. Assist ASMS staff with on-site registration and arrangements as needed; 
  5. Review the student travel applications and select recipients; 
  6. Track calendar deadlines provided in the Asilomar conference guidelines.

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