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Board of Directors Election

The nominees are selected by the Nominating Committee which meets at the annual conference.   The Nominating Committee is approved by the Board of Directors and appointed by the President of ASMS.

To suggest a nominee for the next cycle, please submit the name by email to info@asms.org along with a brief statement that the individual would be willing to stand for election.  Nominees must be members of ASMS continuously for two years prior to the year of nomination.

The following positions will be elected for terms that commence July 1, 2019 through June 30, 2021.  The election will be conducted by an independent online voting service. The election opens December 1 and closes December 18. Each ASMS member will receive voting instructions by email. The order of candidates in online ballot will be randomized each time ballot is opened.
View current ASMS Board of Directors


Candidates for Election to the ASMS Board of Directors

Vice President for Arrangements View candidates for VP Arrangements
  • Robert L. Hettich, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  • David A. Weil, Agilent Technologies
Secretary View candidates for Secretary
  • Lars Konermann, University of Western Ontario
  • Michelle L. Reyzer, Vanderbilt University

Member at Large for Publications View candidates for MAL for Publications 

  • Hao Chen, New Jersey Institute of Technology
  • Leslie M. Hicks, University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill)