Poster Presenters

Proceedings Submission for All Posters Required by June 6

Submit a PDF of your poster file or an extended abstract.


NEW Opportunities for Posters in 2024

Learn about the in-app feature Poster Reprint Request [PosterBridge] and the Poster Chat Kiosks.

Poster Codes and Board Number

Posters are assigned by day. Find your assignment in the desktop Planner or mobile App. Your assignment will be a code and a number (MP=Monday poster, TP=Tuesday poster, WP=Wednesday poster, ThP=Thursday poster PLUS a number). Example, MP 301 = Monday Poster, board space 301.

Poster Set-up and Removal

Posters are to be set-up on the assigned day 6:30-9:00 AM. Poster set-up is not permitted on Sunday evening. Posters should be removed each day 5:00-8:00 PM (except Thursday when posters are removed 2:30-3:00 PM).

Poster Presenting Daily Schedule (Monday - Thursday)

In-Person Poster Authors must be present at posters on scheduled days at these times. The following is newer and allows for a one-hour non-overlapping lunch break. All presenters are now scheduled for 3 hours (authors welcome to attend the full four hours).

Odd-number posters present:
10:30 am - 11:30 am PLUS 12:30 – 2:30 pm

Even-number posters present:
10:30 am - 12:30 pm PLUS 1:30 – 2:30 pm

Check out our page on How to Prepare a Research Poster

Poster Size and Institutional Logos

Each poster space (or board) is 7 ft 10 inches wide (239 cm) and 3 feet 10 inches high (117 cm). Each board is numbered in the upper left corner. Scroll down on this page for additional information about size, space, and board set-up. Your poster may be any shape, size, orientation as long as it fits on the board.

Institutional logos are restricted to one logo per institution. When authors are from multiple institutions, this means there may be one logo per each institution. 

The Basics - how big is poster board and what is the set-up like?

At the ASMS annual conference, each poster presentation is provided one poster board. The usable space on each 'poster board' is 7 feet 10 inches across (239 cm) and 3 feet 10 inches high (117 cm). Each poster board will be numbered on the upper left corner.

ASMS Poster Board Example (Download PDF)
PosterBoard Visual_cropped

There will be a table under each poster board. This table will be used/shared by two posters (the front and back of each poster board.) Approximately 8 inches of table space will provide a ledge under your poster. Poster boards are push-pin and Velcro compatible. 

ASMS provides push-pins at the Poster Supply counter located just inside the entrance of the poster hall. Also provided are special 'Poster Presenter' badges and 'I'll return in ___ minute' signs. 

Remember! Include a COI Disclosure on Your Poster

Add a conflict of interest disclosure anywhere on your poster. For example, this could be in the footer of your poster and/or in the same area where you include funding acknowledgements or collaborations. The inclusion of a conflict of interest disclosure is new since 2023.

What is a COI Disclosure?

A statement on behalf of all authors describing any competing and/or relevant financial interest. All potential sources of bias, including affiliations, funding sources, and financial or management relationships, that may constitute conflicts of interest should be listed. If there are no conflicts to declare, simply include this statement: The authors declare no competing financial interest.

Local Anaheim Printing

Several options are available but advance ordering is REQUIRED. We suggest placing order AT LEAST one week in advance. The safest option is to print your poster at home and bring with you to Anaheim.

Fedex Inside Anaheim Marriott

UPS Inside Westin Anaehim

Fabric Poster Printing

Print your poster on fabric, have it shipped to your home or business BEFORE you travel to Anaheim. Pack your fabric poster easily in your checked or carry-on luggage.

PosterSmith offers a 10% discount for ASMS attendees using their service. NOTE: this service is valid for Continental U.S. and Canada only. Go here to place order with PosterSmith and the ASMS attendee discount.

**NOTE: All (but a few) Poster numbers have changed effective 5/2/2024. Poster presentation day is unchanged but poster board numbers are adjusted to account for late withdrawals through 5/1/2024.**

Consult the Planner as of 5/2/2024 for final poster board (poster code) numbers. A revised PDF is also available. 

We hope to have fewer blank boards due to late withdrawals (April 15-May 1) this year. Poster Numbers (codes) are now FINAL. If you favorited/bookmarked or calendared a poster in the Planner, it will still be there just with its new, and final,  number.