ASMS News & Views

Dec 13, 2018

Recent Notable Awards for ASMS Members

Congratulations to several of our distinguished ASMS members for their recent awards.

Lars Konermann (University of Western Ontario) was elected as a 2018 Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada (RSC). Yinsheng Wang (UC-Riverside) was the 2018 recipient of the EAS Award for Outstanding Achievements in Mass Spectrometry from the Eastern Analytical Symposium.  Kerri Pratt (University of Michigan) has won the 2018 EAS Young Investigator Award from the Eastern Analytical Symposium. The “Genius Grant” goes to Livia Eberlin for her 2018 MacArthur Fellowship won for her research on the use of mass spectrometry to differentiate more quickly and accurately diseased from healthy tissues during surgery. Joshua Coon (University of Wisconsin-Madison) received the 2018 Discovery in Proteomic Sciences Award from HUPO. Coon received an ASMS Biemann Medal in 2012 for this same work. Finally, the long and full career of Burnaby Munson (University of Delaware) was selected as a 2018 Fellow of the American Chemical Society (ACS). Having personally guided and graduated well over thirty doctoral, master’s, and undergraduates and perhaps four or five thousand students overall, clearly Munson has been a major part of building the critical next generation of chemical research.

From private industry, we congratulate the team from Thermo Fisher Scientific of John Syka, Jae Schwartz, Lee Earley, and Christopher Mullen who are the recipients of the 2018 Science and Technology Award from the Human Proteome Organization (HUPO) which recognizes key players in commercialization of a proteomics technology.